Wordless Wednesday: Single Girl Empowerment

It wasn’t until I was at the Christmas tree lot that I remembered the bottom inch or so of a Christmas tree needs to be sawed off. The ex-hubby did it every year, and even last year, I had man-help.

So, I started by sawing a bit around the circumference of the tree trunk:

Just kept turning the tree, and sawing away:

Than I realized I was almost half way through, all around the trunk…


Done! Amazing sense of accomplishment! I did it!

I will admit though, there may have been a couple phone calls to my man, who lives an hour away with statements such as “Where’s a boy when you need one?!”.  But, it was all done, standing in my living room (only fell over once!) and is now all decorated, I can say that I did it…all by myself! Yay!



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