Gratitude Project – 12/15

This week has been filled with lots of ups and downs, so the things/people I’m thankful for:

  • My son and daughter
  • My parents
  • My man, and his family
  • Receiving a certain phone call at 9:30pm a couple of nights ago
  • Finding empowerment in my Christmas tree 😉
  • Community resources that help get my son to IBI while my sexy minivan at the “car doctor” (as my kids call the mechanic)
  • My kids got over their colds very quickly
  • I’ve started getting into the Christmas spirit…I watched Die Hard – doesn’t feel like Christmas until I see that every year…go figure!

What are you thankful for this week?



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Project – 12/15

  1. Die Hard seems like a strange movie to get into the Christmas spirit with, but whatever works I’m all for lol! My Christmas spirit comes and goes, but Christmas music usually brings it back =) Great list of things to be thankful for!

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