Summer #Detox – Recap of Days 3 & 4

My 3rd day on Hello to Healthy‘s detox consisted of my morning yummy smoothie, peach this time.

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Then the rest of the day, I had leftovers from the day before…that’s the “beauty” of all the recipes being in portions for 2 – 4 people. 😉 I was still hungry in the evening so I cut up a plate of carrots and cucumbers, which I enjoyed with some spicy hummus.


My 4th day on the detox was really tough because I spent most of the day out of town at a funeral, then a visit to my parents’ place. So, although I started the day with my smoothie, lunch was kinda difficult because we were at the funeral reception so I chose the healthiest option I could, trying to stay as close to the detox meals as possible. Since I’m an emotional eater, it was a tough day related to cravings but I fought through it.


On my 3rd day, my man also surprised me by coming home a day early from camping (yay!!!), so he took over cooking for the 4th night and although it wasn’t the detox menus, it still definitely fell within the parameters…plus tasted as awesome as it looks!


Tomorrow night, I’m on my own as he’s working so it won’t look nearly as good, but hopefully will taste yummy still. 🙂

Testimonials received from moms Meghan has coached:

“I always knew something was different about my daughter: she has meltdowns not tantrums. She struggles with eye contact. Her speech, although coming back, was limited, sporadic & very struggled. When Meghan started to coach me, listen to me, it was like a new life handed to me. It’s been years now & my daughter has some answers. She’s got referrals she needs. Meghan has been an amazing support, a great coach & an awesome support! She has taught me so much about autism, the spectrum, how to listen to my daughters needs (even without speech). Meghan has been my ‘go to’, extremely knowledgeable coach for years now! She’s the reason my daughter’s life has improved as much as it has! I don’t know what I’d do without her!” – Tarilyn O-P, mom of 1 daughter, with Autism


“During my struggle and journey of coping with a child of special needs, Meghan was there guiding me along the way and helping me understand and accept that all the emotions I was feeling was natural and that its okay to ask for help.” ~ Carla, Mom of 2, oldest with “developmental delay”