A Mom’s Wish List

I was chatting with @adriennemay (and @FrugalNavyWife weighed in too) on Twitter yesterday, and we were kibitzing about the need for laundry and cleaning elves, basically a Mom’s Wish List, so I thought I would share.


Wish List of Not Realistic Items:

  • Laundry elves that do the laundry, fold it (when I don’t feel like folding because, for the most part, I do like folding laundry…I know, I’m weird) AND put it away
  • Cooking elves because I’m sick and tired of making 3 different versions of each meal for the 3 of us, every single day
  • Cleaning elves because I seem to have not been born with the cleaning gene that moms are supposed to get as soon as their kids are born
  • Money elves – might as well ask for the moon, right? Or should I just be asking for a sugar daddy…? LOL!
  • Shopping elves – I’m the fabled woman who HATE clothing shopping so, when I have to go, I literally start shaking if I have to be in a store for very long.
  • Sleep elves for my son so we can both get full night’s sleep, every night
  • Gas elves – does this need further explanation? 😉
  • Loose tooth elves – my daughter’s 3rd loose tooth has been loose a while, and she’s worried it will come out when she’s sleeping or at camp, and that she’ll lose it. She doesn’t want to miss a visit from the Tooth Fairy, after all. 😉
  • Elves to bring Hugh Jackman – no, wait, that’s a different Wish List… 😉


Wish List of Realistic Items:

  • iPad for my son and the apps specifically targeted for kids with Autism  – there’s tons of great things being said about how much iPads are great for kids with Autism, to help them communicate better with the world; plus a detailed “How to” for me. I would by lying if I said that I was a tech wiz.
  • a dishwasher – I’ve never had one in my adult life, and I “miss” it…how is that possible?
  • constant supply of Tazo Chai syrup – need I explain why? 😉
  • Honda Civic – I currently have a “sexy” minivan, which is now too big for the 3 of us. I’ve had a couple of Hondas before my minivan, and I’m definitely a “Honda girl”.
  • Back to School Supplies – I have 6 year old boy/girl twins…need I say more?
  • Anything from organize.com!
  • 3 compartment laundry sorter – it’s the little things, isn’t it? 😉 Problem is, I would have to find space for it. Grrr.


The BIGGEST thing I want for my Wish List is for my son to start his Intensive Behavioural Therapy program for Autism.  We’ve been on the waitlist for 3 years (and counting!).  Thankfully, we’ve been told it will be starting soon.  Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “A Mom’s Wish List

  1. I tell my husband that the magic fairy wand got broken so he has to start helping. Around our house we have a fairy that unloads and reloads the dishwasher as well as one to take the dishes to the sink. We have a laundry fairy. We have a garbage fairy that takes the garbage out out. We also have a cooking fairy that cooks several meals every meal time. I agree with a special fairy though. I want one to NOT bring Hugh Jackman but one to bring Alexander Skarsgård to me.

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