My Friday as a SAHM

Today, I felt like “Suzy Homemaker”. Seems to happen on Mondays or Fridays in my world. Nothing much of note, just your typical Stay-At-Home-Mom stuff:

  • folding three loads of laundry that have been piling up all week, and putting them away
  • doing two other loads of laundry
  • sweeping and wet Swiffering the downstairs
  • two loads of dishes
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • dusting
  • baking a pumpkin loaf and pumpkin muffins.


Needless to say, after picking the kids up from school, I was exhausted, so after giving the kids their after school snacks, I had my first chai of the day…with some of the pumpkin loaf of course. 😉


Honestly, after dinner, I napped a bit on the couch. Then I packed their overnight bag for them to go to their dad’s for the weekend and we headed to the pet store to pick up some food for our cats.


Then dropped my kids off at their dad’s, even dropping them off about 10 minutes earlier than usual as it didn’t take as long at the pet store as expected…despite my daughter wanting to bring all five kittens home with us. No! Two cats are enough! 😉

Now, I’m sitting back, drooling over Shemar Moore watching Criminal Minds, with a cider, getting ready for a very busy weekend. So really, not an “exciting” day, but a productive one, where I feel blessed being able to look after my family.

A Mom’s Wish List

I was chatting with @adriennemay (and @FrugalNavyWife weighed in too) on Twitter yesterday, and we were kibitzing about the need for laundry and cleaning elves, basically a Mom’s Wish List, so I thought I would share.


Wish List of Not Realistic Items:

  • Laundry elves that do the laundry, fold it (when I don’t feel like folding because, for the most part, I do like folding laundry…I know, I’m weird) AND put it away
  • Cooking elves because I’m sick and tired of making 3 different versions of each meal for the 3 of us, every single day
  • Cleaning elves because I seem to have not been born with the cleaning gene that moms are supposed to get as soon as their kids are born
  • Money elves – might as well ask for the moon, right? Or should I just be asking for a sugar daddy…? LOL!
  • Shopping elves – I’m the fabled woman who HATE clothing shopping so, when I have to go, I literally start shaking if I have to be in a store for very long.
  • Sleep elves for my son so we can both get full night’s sleep, every night
  • Gas elves – does this need further explanation? 😉
  • Loose tooth elves – my daughter’s 3rd loose tooth has been loose a while, and she’s worried it will come out when she’s sleeping or at camp, and that she’ll lose it. She doesn’t want to miss a visit from the Tooth Fairy, after all. 😉
  • Elves to bring Hugh Jackman – no, wait, that’s a different Wish List… 😉


Wish List of Realistic Items:

  • iPad for my son and the apps specifically targeted for kids with Autism  – there’s tons of great things being said about how much iPads are great for kids with Autism, to help them communicate better with the world; plus a detailed “How to” for me. I would by lying if I said that I was a tech wiz.
  • a dishwasher – I’ve never had one in my adult life, and I “miss” it…how is that possible?
  • constant supply of Tazo Chai syrup – need I explain why? 😉
  • Honda Civic – I currently have a “sexy” minivan, which is now too big for the 3 of us. I’ve had a couple of Hondas before my minivan, and I’m definitely a “Honda girl”.
  • Back to School Supplies – I have 6 year old boy/girl twins…need I say more?
  • Anything from!
  • 3 compartment laundry sorter – it’s the little things, isn’t it? 😉 Problem is, I would have to find space for it. Grrr.


The BIGGEST thing I want for my Wish List is for my son to start his Intensive Behavioural Therapy program for Autism.  We’ve been on the waitlist for 3 years (and counting!).  Thankfully, we’ve been told it will be starting soon.  Fingers crossed!