Struggle I Overcame in 2013 (#InspireMe2014)

Inspire Me 2014

I got behind on my daily posts for the Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt . If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know why: two courses starting AND creating a “girl cave” (woohoo!). So, I’m just going to jump right in with today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt : Write about a struggle you overcame in 2013.

It’s no secret to anyone who reads my blog that a big struggle I faced and overcame (with a final grade of 81%!) was returning to school. It was exciting, scary, exhilarating, overwhelming, but overall, it’s been a great experience.

I haven’t felt so old as I did on my first day in September when the professor was describing online resources and I couldn’t write fast enough with where he was clicking on the projector screen. The last time I went to university, email was just starting to be available to us regular people. The last time I went to college, we couldn’t submit assignments via email as our assignments would have required the use of scanners…which weren’t financially available to most people. Now, there’s this thing called a “dropbox”. Silly me asked where the dropbox was, getting pen and paper ready to write down a room number…only to be told to log into our course online and there was a button there to submit our assignments through the dropbox. Sigh.

It’s been a huge learning curve but I did well taking one course. This semester, I’m venturing forward with taking two courses – one in class, and one purely online. Talk about ANOTHER learning curve! I spent the morning today creating a calendar for all the assignments, reading requirements, youtube videos to watch, timelines, etc for both of these courses. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy semester…

Best advice for the New Year (#InspireMe2014)

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt is: Best advice for the New Year.
I’m not really one who sets resolutions but this year, I’m trying to focus on decluttering our surroundings. We are nowhere near hoarders or anything like that. I’m just wanting to have only things we use in our home and things that make us happy. For example, I went through our linen closet, got rid of stuff and organized it…and now it makes me sssooooo happy to even be near the closet, let alone actually use it (with that, I’ve made the decision to blog about it another day…). Whatever doesn’t fit this description is being given away through some Facebook groups I belong to (one that I co-Admin), that are similar to Freecycle. Basically, I take a picture of the items, post them on these groups, and whomever wants them can come pick them up. I have a box on my front porch where I put the items (may I repeat yet again how much I LOVE my neighbourhood…very safe!) and they can pick them up. It keeps the items out of the landfill, I don’t have to store them to try to remember to take for donation (although I do that too!), and they get to bless someone else’s home.

To give you some examples, these are some of the items I’ve posted in the last week, and they were all picked up within a day from people who could use them/wanted them:

HT1513270_689743684398730_734487201_n     HT1044295_689380637768368_1213253649_n     HT1609618_689380594435039_1533982889_n     HT1609804_689243917782040_597438123_n     HT1497772_685687884804310_180208875_n

Yes, that’s everything from magazines I’ve read to an office chair! It’s actually quite addicting to get rid of these items, knowing other people are looking for them. I’m happy to share the names of the groups so just send me an email ( or send me a message on Facebook with your city. I’ll take a look if they have ones local to you.

Things That Make Me Happy (#InspireMe2014)

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt is: A list of top 5-10 things that make you happy. Be creative! Serious, funny, embarrassing. Spill some beans 🙂 

  1. My kids
  2. My man…when he isn’t driving me crazy, and vice versa. 😉
  3. Chai, specifically Starbucks’ Grande Chai Latte No Water…in case anyone wants to bring me one. 😉
  4. Sleep
  5. My newly decluttered and organized linen closet. Wanna come see it? I’m booking tours. 😉
  6. Meals made by someone else.
  7. Baking
  8. The IKEA catalogue – tee hee!
  9. Sparklies
  10. My new red heels! Been looking for these for ssoooooo long!


Birthday (#InspireMe2014Challenge)

Inspire Me 2014

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt is: When is your birthday?! We’d all like to send some wishes.

My birthday is October 10, which usually falls on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend so there’s always lots of pumpkin pie, which is just fine by me! In 2013, it was in the middle of the week. This year, it’s the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend. Interestingly, I share my birthday with my mom…but no, I wasn’t “mean” and forced her to be in labour on her birthday. I’m adopted. My dad wanted a redhead and my mom and I have the same birthday – match made!

When is your birthday?

Recap of #Blog for #2013

Inspire Me 2014

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge writing prompt: We’ve seen everyone do it this week on Instagram and their blog…recap your favorite moments from 2013. Or post one random picture from each month of the year.

I’m going to change this prompt a bit by sharing my most popular blog posts from 2013 because frankly, I tend to get way too involved and lose A LOT of time when looking through old photos. What can I say? My kids are cute! 😉

You Might Be An Autism Parent If…

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The Wonder of a Weighted Blanket (Autism) – although I wrote it in 2012…things that make you go hmmm… 😉

Who is Meghan? – awww, thanks everyone! 🙂

Yup, I’m Broken, Literally! – yet another one I wrote in 2012

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My Son Let Me Cut His Hair!!

Guess What? Autism Parents Are Stressed

What I Did For New Year’s Eve (#InspireMe2014Challenge)

One of the moms in a local moms group posted her newest blog post on our Facebook group, mentioning she’s following the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge hosted by Showered With Design and Happiness Is A Mood Not A Destination. Loved the name of the Happiness Blog so I checked it out, and I think I’m jumping on the bandwagon too. 🙂

Inspire Me 2014

Today’s writing prompt is very simple: What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

This year, the kids were supposed to be with their father but plans changed so I cancelled my plans and stayed home with the kids. They are quite the party animals…both asleep by 9pm. 😉 Earlier in the day, we decorated a gingerbread house:

GBHIMG_00003800         GBHIMG_00003805

Final product:


We pretty much had the normal evening: Dinner, tv, cuddles, reading, bedtime routine, etc.

After they went to bed, I treated myself to some yummies:


Happy New Year!

I am finally learning…

The Bloggy Dare writing prompt I’m writing about today is “I am finally learning…”

I am finally learning the wonders of wearing yoga pants. Yup, my conversion to 100% SAHM is almost complete…I LOVE my yoga pants! I should clarify that, at this time of year where we are experiencing 30+˚Celsius weather (approx 90+˚Farenheit), plus humidity, I’m not wearing yoga pants per say, they are more like yoga capris. They truly are the easiest thing to throw on in the morning, and they are comfy all day long.  When I have meetings to attend, I will put some more effort into my clothing by wearing “respectable” capris (with heels if I’m not having to chase after the kids too) but otherwise, my morning choice is “which pair of black yoga capris am I going to wear today?”.

I realized the other morning that I ONLY have black yoga capris…no other colour, and as a result, I’m pretty much always wearing a black fitted t-shirt too. I have EIGHT black fitted t-shirts, all with different necklines and of different sizes but nevertheless, I have EIGHT of them!  People are probably starting to think I only have one outfit that I keep wearing every single day.  Ugh.

The question is, what am I going to do about it?  I could donate all my yoga capris  to get them out of my home and then they aren’t even an option in the morning, but I won’t. I could “report myself” to TLC’s What Not To Wear, but I won’t. I could buy entirely new wardrobe but, I won’t.

So, until then, I’m just going to happily wear my yoga capris. If only wearing yoga pants would motivate me to actually do yoga more often than once every couple of months… 😉