Drink #recipe from #Pinterest

With it being a crazy hot day today, and the kids and I spending most of the day outside on our first day of their summer vacation, I thought I would try making one of the “Homemade Vitamin Drinks” on Zain Saraswati Jamal’s website, which I found through Pinterest.

I had strawberries and watermelon in the fridge and, although I didn’t make it as “fancy” as on Jamal’s website, it’s a really nice, light flavour.  All I did was cut up the watermelon and strawberries, put them in the bottom of a juice container, pour Brita filtered water on them, and put the container in the fridge.  A few hours later, came home and had a lovely glass of “fruit water” as my kids called it with my lunch. Have put fresh rosemary on the grocery list too, as I think that would be a great addition to the taste.

Simple, easy, flavourful and a great alternative to juice.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find a combination that the kids like too as I would much rather give them fruit water to drink over sugary juice.

My Happiness List

Optimom is famous for giving out “homework” to help people discover their passion in life. My homework was to ask 5 others how they define happiness. Have to admit that I haven’t asked people, other than posting it on Twitter, but have definitely been through lots of reflection in determining how I define happiness.


The first things that popped into my head were all related to my kids; when:

  • they were born
  • they smile
  • we have cuddle time
  • they are playing together and not trying to kill eachother 😉
  • my kids wink at me
  • DD makes her cute sleeping sounds
  • DS hugs me so hard that I think my head is going to pop off
  • I wake up to find DD has crawled into bed with me overnight
  • DS hugs me and says “home”


All of these are great HOWEVER, I realized that my happiness was being determined by someone else. More reflection required.


So, I started thinking back to when I have felt happiest and when people tell me my smile is the biggest. Here’s my “happy list” and why:

  • Dancing – whether it’s lessons or out with friends. I’m trained in classical ballet and just love any kind of dance!
  • Skating – I took lessons for years and years. There’s something very “freeing” when I’m on the ice
  • Water – I lived in Vancouver, BC for a number of years and, now my favourite place in Hamilton is down at the waterfront.
  • Public Speaking – yup, one of the top fears for almost everyone else in the world is actually one of my “happy places”
  • Go Karting – my (then) hubby took me go-karting once and I absolutely loved it!
  • Reading – the journey is endless
  • Writing – there’s something freeing about just starting to write, whether it’s my blog or journaling
  • Helping Others – I’m a true Libra…helping others is what drives me!


I’m sure other things will pop into my head as I further reflect on this question…but that’s why @optimom is so awesome. Very simple homework assignments that inspire true reflection.


So, I turn the homework over to you now…what makes you happiest?


PS – I was not paid for this post…I happen to be blessed to know Optimom IRL (in real life)