Celebrating #BackToSchool & #Autism

In previous years, I “celebrated” Back To School by cleaning the house and taking a nap (how luxurious, I know!) on the first day back. This year, I was still crazy busy running errands on the kids’ first day back, so today, I decided to get out of my SAHM “uniform”, wear some jeans and heels, and do some writing at Starbucks. The pumpkin spice scones are back in season…yummy!


When I picked my son up from IBI therapy today, he was carrying a cute little puppet. I asked him what was in his hand and he showed it to me. I asked who it was, and he responded with “Happy”. So, introducing “Happy, the puppet”. 🙂


As we walked to the car, I asked questions about Happy.

Me: “What colour is his hair?”

Son: “Yellow”

Me: “What colour is his shirt?”

Son: “Shirt” as he pointed (!!!!!!) to it.

Me: “Yes, that’s his shirt. What colour is it?”

Son: “Blue shirt”

Me: “That’s right, blue shirt.”

Son: “Happy”

Me: “Yes, hunny, it’s Happy.”


And now he’s singing along to songs on tvokids.com!


Take THAT Autism!