Something Lovely at #Starbucks…and it wasn’t just the #chai!

If you follow me at all, you know that I prefer Starbucks chai…but I also enjoy the environment/ambiance at Starbucks locations. Regularly, I start up conversations with others about nothing in particular, but it’s still nice. I wanted to share a lovely experience my best friend and I had on the weekend, where we saw someone….

How Things Have Changed in 6 Months (#Autism)

A year ago, my son was considered to be “non-verbal”. Six months ago (around our move from Big City, Ontario to Small Town, Ontario, and especially him starting IBI), he started using words on a more regular basis, but it was only about 20 words, and it was still intermittent. Fast forward to two nights ago…

He regularly wakes up for 2 – 4 hours overnight for what I call his “Autism party” where he plays constantly for that time period. Since I’ve taken everything out of his room except for his bed, bedding, and his one stuffed animal (Mikey Mouse) that he takes everywhere, it amazes me that he can spend so long playing. In the morning, I am encountered by all the bedding taken off his bed and his mattress will be folded in half, or leaning up against a wall, in whatever shape he has decided to create. At first, I was amazed that he could do this, now it’s just “normal”.

Two nights ago, his “Autism party” consisted of him talking NON-STOP.  His favourite thing to say right now is “Oops. Almost. Try Again”, which is a statement from his favourite game on  After an hour or so of him saying this (and laughing his head off each time he said it), while moving everything around in his room, and me telling him to lie down and go back to sleep, I finally lost it and told him “stop talking, be quiet and go to sleep!”. Of course this didn’t work, but I chuckled a few minutes later when I realized the irony that I’ve gone from desperately WANTING to hear him talk, and now I was telling him to stop talking in such a short time period.

For the record, I want my little man to keep talking, more and more every day so I can learn from him…BUT, I would really appreciate if he would NOT do it during the wee hours of the morning. 🙂