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I am honoured to be posting on Special Such a wonderful online publication!  Here’s part of my post:


Recently, within a few days, two of my friends confided in me that they are starting to think one of their kids (two different families) may be on the Autism Spectrum, and then they asked how I knew my son had Autism. I’ll admit that my ex-husband (we were married at the time) was the one who brought it to my attention when the kids were 18months old. I was surprised. At the time, I had recognized that our son seemed to catch whatever bug was going around and took longer to recover from a cold or the flu than his twin sister (not symptoms of Autism, for the record), but otherwise, I hadn’t noticed anything.  

The kids’ dad pointed out that our son:

  • Didn’t point using his index finger
  • Had stopped talking (he had started talking before our daughter, and then stopped)
  • Didn’t respond to his name
  • Didn’t make eye contact with anyone

Being a new mom of 1.5 year old twins and working full time where a 40-hour week was a “light week”, honestly, I hadn’t noticed any of these symptoms.  I didn’t have time to sleep/pee/eat, let along think?! I was also almost offended by him saying our son didn’t make eye contact. Our son made eye contact with me all the time! 

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