My Son’s #DentalSurgery #PreOp Appt (#Autism)

A couple of weeks before school started, my son had dental surgery. He needed one tooth removed to make space for grown-up teeth that were growing but the baby tooth wasn’t coming out; and he also needed a molar removed because, as with many children with Autism, it had rotted from the inside out since he won’t use toothpaste when brushing his teeth. You would think by now, with stats like 1 in 68, the toothpaste industry would have started making toothpaste that isn’t so strong tasting, and bubble so much…but I digress.

My daughter had dental surgery before the end of last school year, and she was an absolute superstar! She needed to have some baby teeth removed because the grown up teeth had grown in behind the baby teeth and was causing too much crowding in her wee mouth. (Sensing a theme here with my twins? 😉 ).

I took my son for his pre-op appointment the week prior to his surgery. He cuddled up under his weighted blanket during registration:


He drew lots on his whiteboard while we were in the waitroom:

IMG_00006457          IMG_00006462

He even tried stealing the nurse’s stethoscope while she and I were chatting. Of course, seeing as they specialize in surgeries for children, she had another one on hand for him to use while we took all his measurements (height, weight, blood pressure, etc).

IMG_00006467         IMG_00006468

He loved getting his blood pressure taken too…in fact, he tried going for that FIRST, before anything else. The nurse thought it was so cute.

Tomorrow…tales of the actual surgery…stay tuned…. 😉

My #Daughter…the #DentalSurgery Superstar!

On Tuesday, my daughter had dental surgery to pull four baby teeth that were in the way of her adult teeth coming in. We went to the pre-op the week before and she had been voicing a lot of nerves and anxiety around the whole procedure. After the pre-op appointment, those fears were gone…her biggest concern was that she wasn’t going to be able to eat breakfast the morning of her surgery. She even “warned” me that she would be eating more for the few days before her surgery to “make up” for not having breakfast that morning. 😉


The morning of her surgery, she was in great spirits. We had to check in an hour and a half before her surgery time so we read a book, she played with the other kids in the waitroom, and she was really proud when she built a “person” (the red at the bottom are the high heels – lol!) and a tree:

IMG_00005248     IMG_00005250

She was even in great spirits when she wrestled with her housecoat that was “attacking” her:


We even got to have some cuddles and kisses time:


I got to take her into the operating room, and be there with her, holding her hand while they put her to sleep. So hard to see her go to sleep but I just kept telling her how much I love her and that I’ll see her soon. When she was in the operating room, my man and I went across the street to grab me a Starbucks chai to try to help me calm a bit. She had chosen two stuffed animals to take into surgery with her, and of course I became “custodian” of them during the actual surgery so they came with us. Spike the dinosaur tried stealing my chai!


I was fine just reading my book while we were waiting (even remember what I was reading on each page!), but when that hour and a half mark came and went, and I hadn’t heard from hospital staff to go in to be there when she woke up, I started getting nervous. Shortly thereafter, her dentist came out and told me everything was fine and gave me her four cute little teeth…in a little treasure chest. Glamour, my daughter’s other stuffed animal of choice, decided to guard her teeth until she came out of surgery:


About 20mins later, while my man was trying to help me remain calm, they came out and told me it was time to go in. She looked so little in the recovery bed, but I could see her beautiful red hair from across the room…and her face was a bit swollen. Poor thing! They offered her a popsicle, and she discovered how yummy lime popsicles are.

After she woke up completely, they gave her some pain medicine, they wheeled her into the recovery room, where she got more popsicles…and my man got her some balloons for being such a trooper!


She fell asleep in the car on the way home, and again on the couch before bedtime, but not before more popsicles, Jello, chatting with neighbourhood kids, and even eating some solid foods. Yesterday, she even went to school because she missed her friends after the long weekend, and then being away for her surgery. She was an absolute superstar! I’m sssoooo proud of her!

Emergency Barbie “Surgery”

My daughter is home today from school with a cold. We’ve had a pretty quiet day, with her resting and getting better so she can return to school tomorrow…until we had to perform an emergency “surgery” on one of her Barbies. This Barbie lost the lower half of her arm a while ago but the temporary splint we had made from painter’s tape just didn’t hold up so, out came the duct tape. My daughter hummed and hawed between the bright pink duct tape and the patterned purple and teal duct tape…which she eventually chose saying the Barbie preferred patterns.


It was touch and go for a while there, but both Barbie and my daughter are doing well, post-“surgery”. 😉

You Might be an Autism Parent If…

Gotta love Twitter! It’s giving me lots to work with in the last week…including a GREAT trending hashtag: “YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf…”. I’ve now “met” so many other Tweeps in the Autism community, I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone more. The following are some of the tweets I especially appreciated:

You Might Be an Autism Parent If:

  • your child has taught you more about love, life and what truly matters, than the other way around. @Soundless2
  • you wouldn’t change your child for the world – but want often to change the World for your child!  @helenhamill
  • U discover chunk of skin is missing from his pinky & u find the chunk stuck in between the closet doors. He didn’t cry. @yupcom
  • “It takes a village to raise a child” takes on a whole new meaning @trydefyinggravity
  • you know the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown and can explain it @GPKRacing
  • you say “try again”, “use your words”, “first this-then this”, “nice hands”, “good waiting” 1000x a day.  @AutismPinoy
  • ifurheart hurts b/c not only does he have 2 overcome more. He also has 2 learn ppl will treat him badly for it  @ErronA
  • hearing your child say “I’m sad” makes you secretly happy they were able to express an emotion!  @Calormom
  • it is unfathomable to go on an outing in shoes you can’t run in @FroggyPrinceMom
  • swings, trampolines &/ or obstacle courses are main pieces in your home’s decor. @Kristin Macchi
  • you have heard more often than not “I don’t know how you do it” or “you must be exhausted” #notcomplimentspeople @LLA_Princess (so true! Just makes us realize how tired we are!)
  • you know that potty training is a multi-year project. @texascanadasean

My responses…You Might Be an Autism Parent If:

  • You can’t secure fulltime work because no one will look after your child afterschool.
  • You walk into a new venue and “see” what will trigger meltdowns and overstimulations for your child, whether or not they are with you.
  • You explain to anyone new coming to your home that your 6yo son will probably be walking around in his diaper.
  • You fake being interested in what “advice” someone who doesn’t have a child with Autism offers because they met ONE child with Autism, 10 years ago, and therefore they know everything about Autism.
  • You can’t remember the last time you slept an entire night.
  • You LOVE Melatonin!
  • You never think you’ll be partnered again because no man will want to take on the extra responsibilities of Autism (and yet I found one!!)
  • You put off your own surgery until your child can understand NOT to jump on mommy during recovery.


Losing My “Virginity”…





Tomorrow I’m having my first surgery ever. Yup, in my mid-thirties and there are a few things that people are amazed at…I have never dyed my hair (why would I? I’m a natural redhead!), had my first cavity at 31 years old, AND have never had surgery. The closest I go was having a couple teeth pulled when I was a kid because they had been wiggling forever and wouldn’t come out. Broke my arm as a kid, but no surgery required. I even gave birth to twins without a C-section for crying out loud!


Anticipating my first surgery feels like I’m losing my virginity…the nerves, fear, anxiety, the heart palpitations, the excitement, etc. Will I feel different after?


~ If you get queasy with medical information,

do NOT read the next paragraph…you have been warned ~


I’m having what’s called a Vaginal Myomectomy. Basically means that I have a mass in my uterus (and it’s not a baby…or two in my case!) that needs to be removed. This fibroid grew to 5cm within a year (what can I say? I’m an incubator!), and has been the bane of my existence for the last 3 years. As each month passed, my periods became heavier and heavier, and more and more painful. By the time they put me into chemically-induced menopause the 2nd time (shrinks the fibroid), a “normal” period for me was 2 weeks “on”, 1 week off, and repeat. The pain was unbelievable, and I couldn’t leave the house for 3 – 5 days, and was going to washroom every 20 mins, day and night (therefore no sleep!). Not good when I’m a SAHM to 5yo twins. Their father would help when his schedule allowed, and my friends filled in whenever possible too.


My obgyn didn’t feel skilled enough (nor did any of her colleagues) to remove it without removing my uterus. What??!! I was still married when they found the fibroid and still wanted to keep the option of having more kids open so I was NOT impressed. Thankfully, my obgyn found a specialist (with the same first name as me!) who has, to quote her, “removed bigger and badder” fibroids. Phew! She can also remove it without a C-section-type entry, therefore only needing a few days to recover instead of months. Double phew! Felt kinda weird to go to appointments at a fertility clinic though – my twins were “natural”.


So, my fibroid is FINALLY being removed, and I can no longer say things like I did to my father a couple of weekends ago: “I’m menopausal AND having PMS. Don’t screw with me” but I’ll be glad to see the end of it.