Summer Activities List (Printable)


We’ve started our summer holidays from school now so here’s my annual Summer Activities List, filled with free or low-cost activities for sunny and rainy days:

2015 Summer Activities

Each of the activities are ones that my daughter loves doing, and my son (who has Autism) will also do (not sure if he likes them all but the smiles are awesome!).

Like my Facebook Page and please share any photos of activities your family does throughout the summer. Would love to see great family-time this summer! I’ll also be including videos of us doing these activities too on my Youtube Channel too so be sure to subscribe there.

New #Printables Page


Have decided to add a new Printables Page to my blog, where I can share print-items I find useful for myself, the kids and/or our home. Would love to hear from you whether you find the printables useful and/or if there are items you would like to use. I’m hoping this will be a very interactive part of my blog.


First set of printables include Summertime activities:

  • in the community
  • inside fun
  • let’s get outside




Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 7 – Final Day!

Today is my final day on Hello to Healthy‘s Summer Detox. The smoothies have been delicious! My last morning smoothie is mango:

1004923_609935359046230_571954887_n      1095106_609935322379567_1249270405_n

I had leftovers for lunch today, and snacks of carrots and spicy hummus. My man took over for dinner again…and although it didn’t follow the menus provided for the detox, followed all the rules, and was as delicious as it looks:


I will be keeping some of the recipes as ones to refer to often, especially having rediscovered the yumminess that is eggplant! 😉

I’ll be honest and say that, with our lifestyle, and my kids’ sensory issues, eating vegan food is not one I can maintain. I feel like I spent most of my time cooking, was often hungry, went through the headaches and bloating (tmi?) that the program “warns” of, and missed my usual comfort foods (especially on Saturday when I attended a funeral and therefore had a very emotional day), but I’m glad I did it. It was really a test of willpower, but I also rediscovered my enjoyment of cooking. When the kids were at their dad’s, I was able to spend Sunday cooking some of the recipes, and with being able to use so many fresh ingredients between my garden and my mom’s, it was that much yummier!

Now to monitor how I feel as I reintroduce my regular foods back…wish me luck!


Follow my journey here:

Anneka gave me the tools, shakes and supplements to fully implement her Summer Detox

in exchange for writing about my experience.

If you are interested in her Summer Detox and/or her consulting services,

please contact her at

#Mother-#Daughter Swimming Program

Last week was the first week of the summer where the kids were at their dad’s for the whole week. Needless to say, I missed them. My daughter however doesn’t like being away for a full week so we’ve worked out that on the Tuesdays of those weeks, she comes back for some one-on-one time with me; on Wednesdays, my son comes back.


I found a new swimming program that happens to be on Tuesday evenings. It’s a mother-daughter swimming program! My daughter was excited to hear about it, and kept asking “how much longer until we go?” for the 5 hours (!!!) leading up to the start time. Once we got there, her anxiety disorder kicked into high gear and we almost didn’t make it past the registration desk, but I was able to walk her through it and once we got into the pool area and she realized there were life jackets and pool noodles, she was a very happy camper.


One of the lifeguards welcomed all of us, and told us how the program works. It starts when the facility itself is closing and the blinds between the pool and the viewing area are closed to give us privacy. Only female staff and lifeguards are onsite, even the “rubber lifeguard”, usually named Gerald, transforms into “Geraldine” for the mother-daughter swimming program:


For the first half hour, the moms and daughters could just play around in the pool together, followed by the two female lifeguards leading us through an aquafit mini class (which was surprisingly difficult!). By the end of the hour, we all had a great time, and can’t wait to go back again.

Why I’ve been a silent blogger aka What we did this summer


The big news from this summer is that we moved back to the City from Small Town, Ontario. It’s the 3rd move the kids and I have done since their dad and I split and thankfully, this will be the last move for a very long time (decades hopefully!).

We basically had to gut the house we moved into, renovate lots and then move in. The original plan was to move on the Saturday of one of the full weeks the kids were at their dad’s over the summer so I would have the week to finish painting, unpacking and organizing. Of course, renos never go as scheduled/planned and when the kids moved in at the end of the week with their dad, our bathroom was fully function the day before, and supplier mess ups meant that we still didn’t have a kitchen. Well, the basics were there but nothing was functional because the supplier sent us the wrong countertop (a white one…who orders a white countertop??! One spaghetti dinner with a white countertop would stain and ruin it!). I had ordered a very cool brown-toned countertop called “Jamocha” (which I say with a really horrible weird accent every single time!) and at no point in time had been told that was a customized countertop so would cost extra. Along with the many other little problems from the supplier which all together meant a huge problem, they ended up giving us the customized countertop (which is supposed to take 6 – 8 weeks I might add) within 3 days.

Somehow I pulled off still feeding the kids with horrible fast food (our digestive systems weren’t happy!) and eating at my man’s place daily (he’s the best, especially since my kids are very picky eaters). Somehow I also pulled off “Back to School” without a functioning kitchen OR being fully unpacked.  I knew I had all the supplies, I just couldn’t find them!  I perfected a very intricate method of balancing everything on top of the dishwasher top (which is NOT flat in case you were wondering) to make and pack lunches.

Now, we’re at the “making everything pretty” stage with only 3 more rooms to paint. My daughter’s room is pink (she chose it…and it’s VERY pink!). My son’s room is blue (which he also chose). My room is green (my fav colour) and it makes me smile. The rest of the house is a nice warm beige/taupe colour that, as soon as my man saw it he declared that it was the same colour as my chai, which I actually hadn’t noticed until he pointed it out. It was so nice being able to choose all the paint colours myself, for the first time in my life.

Best of all, just tonight, I finally made pumpkin loaf (our family staple) so we’re finally “home”!


List of #Summer Activities


Happy first day of summer!


Summer has hit us hard here. We’re currently in day 3 of a heat advisory. Today’s forecast is 33 degrees Celsius (92 degrees Fahrenheit) with a humidex that will make it feel closer to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Needless to say, all our Canadian igloos melted days ago…ha!


Recently, I blogged about trying to get organized to get crafty and have activity ideas readily accessible (so I don’t have to think), so I thought I would share our list, compiled by Googling “summer activities” and asking on Facebook mom groups what everyone is up to over the summer. Here are some of the things the kids and I will be doing this summer:

  • Make homemade ice cream in a bag
  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Ride bikes outside
  • Make a “Park Passport” and check each park off as we visit new ones
  • Wrap a piece a duct tape around wrist with sticky side up. Take a walk around the neighborhood and stick leaves, small pebbles, sticks, and other treasures onto duct tape bracelet
  • Paint the sidewalk with water
  • Washand detail the car (get ready for a water fight!)
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Go to the splashpad
  • Go on an “Alphabet tour”: go for a walk with camera & notebook, and beginning with the letter “a”, find something that starts with that letter (i.e.Adams Street). Take a picture & write it in your notebook. Continue with each letter. Each child has a personal and creative alphabet memory book for the summer.
  • Go to a local pond and record items, animals and plants you see
  • Go to a Farmer’s Market
  • Play with a Hula-Hoop
  • Go on a picnic
  • Collect rocks and paint them; make them into Rock People
  • Go to the library
  • Go to the beach
  • Pick some flowers
  • Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go swimming
  • Water balloon fight
  • Play Frisbee
  • Play soccer
  • Play baseball
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Lie down on the grass and find shapes in the clouds


I have printed these activities on a label template, and put them in our Summer Box.


What are you going to do with the kids this summer?


Trying to get organized to become #crafty

Last week, I mentioned I had created lists for crafts and activities to do with the kids. I’m not a crafty person but honestly, Pinterest has actually inspired me to think I may be able to handle some crafts. Even bought my first container of Mod Podge (was a bit thrown off that there are different types, but I’ll fumble my way through)! So, if I show any crafts here, I can guarantee you that anyone can do them!

I wanted to have pretty containers for my lists of crafts and activities so the kids and I went to the dollar store and found 4 boxes we liked (ok, I liked…my daughter picked out some really brightly coloured ones with a very strange pattern – I just couldn’t imagine myself looking at them all the time).  We bought:

  • 4 same-sized boxes
  • scrapbooking paper (as a non-scrapbooker, of course I don’t have any at home)
  • 2 pages of letter stickers to make sure I had enough letters for all the words I was going to use (I actually had some letter stickers, but in colours that didn’t match the boxes)

I traced the green side of a box that showed under the lid onto the black paper and cut it out. Then I just eyeballed to make it smaller than the side of the box (see, really technical here!), and cut the paper smaller.

I went to add the word “summer” to the paper for that box and encountered a bit of a problem before I even stuck the letter stickers. I have really good spatial awareness, so I realized that they were too big to fit horizontally across the paper. I stood there and looked at the letters, then the paper, back to the letters, back to the paper, cursed the “M” for being so wide, especially when I needed to use two for the word “summer”.  Took me a few minutes (ok, closer to 10 minutes, but I’m new to this!) for me to realize I could put the words on diagonally. So, that’s what I did.

(You would think I would have taken pictures of the word “Summer” in progress, alas, I did not. And clearly I need a better camera…any sponsors? Am willing to test out different ones…hint, hint!)

Then I repeated the same process for all 4 words I’m using to classify the lists: Summer, Rainy, Crafts, Winter.

Then I taped these “cards” onto the four boxes, and voila! I actually did a “craft” of some kind.