I’m Going to #BlissDomCA!! Time to #PrepForBliss!


I’m crazy excited to be attending Blissdom ’14 this year!!! It’s the biggest blogging and social media conference in Canada. Every year while it’s happening, I’ve been in a bit of a funk over the fact that it’s happening and I’m not there. This year, I get to go as part of Main Street Creative‘s team…so a huge thank you to them!

I’m doing my research, reading posts written by those who have attended previous years:

I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll be arriving on Thursday…hopefully around 10am. Later that afternoon, I’m sure I’ll be hanging out in the “Newbie Lounge”. I seem to be reading a common theme that most attendees are worried about being wall flowers … I am NOT naturally a wall flower. Extroverts unite…together! If I am being a wall flower…just wave some Starbucks chai (lactose-free milk, no water please) under my nose. I’ll be fine after that. 😉

I still need to sort through my timetable for the rest of Thursday and all day Friday…there’s so much to choose from!

We had to sign up a couple of weeks ago for the microsessions Saturday morning. I’m sssoooo excited to be attending:

  • New Blogger? Little Blogger? You can get love too! – Tiffany Grisdale
  • Master the Branded Narrative & change your life – Julie Nowell
  • From Blog To Business (How to take your love of blogging to the next level and make it your business.) – Loukia Zigoumis

If you’re attending any of these microsessions, please say hi…I’m sure I’ll be the only tall redhead. 😉

There’s even a pajama party…how often do you get to wear pjs and slippers in public? 😉

Now I just need to figure what to wear the rest of the time because, let’s face it, as a Stay at Home Mom, my regular outfit consists of yoga pants and t-shirts. Sigh. Where’s a personal shopper (and the budget to pay for one) when you need one?

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My Friday as a SAHM

Today, I felt like “Suzy Homemaker”. Seems to happen on Mondays or Fridays in my world. Nothing much of note, just your typical Stay-At-Home-Mom stuff:

  • folding three loads of laundry that have been piling up all week, and putting them away
  • doing two other loads of laundry
  • sweeping and wet Swiffering the downstairs
  • two loads of dishes
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • dusting
  • baking a pumpkin loaf and pumpkin muffins.


Needless to say, after picking the kids up from school, I was exhausted, so after giving the kids their after school snacks, I had my first chai of the day…with some of the pumpkin loaf of course. 😉


Honestly, after dinner, I napped a bit on the couch. Then I packed their overnight bag for them to go to their dad’s for the weekend and we headed to the pet store to pick up some food for our cats.


Then dropped my kids off at their dad’s, even dropping them off about 10 minutes earlier than usual as it didn’t take as long at the pet store as expected…despite my daughter wanting to bring all five kittens home with us. No! Two cats are enough! 😉

Now, I’m sitting back, drooling over Shemar Moore watching Criminal Minds, with a cider, getting ready for a very busy weekend. So really, not an “exciting” day, but a productive one, where I feel blessed being able to look after my family.

30 Days of Me: Day 12 – A day in the life…

Day 12 – Bullet your whole day

  • My daughter crawls into bed with me and wakes me up “Good morning Mommy”
  • Cuddles until my alarm goes off at 7am
  • We get up
  • Daughter eats breakfast while I finish packing up the kids lunches.
  • I give her her clothes for the day and let her know she can watch 20 mins of a DVD as long as she gets dressed; she choses Mighty Machines – that’s my girl!
  • Start waking my son up. He pulls the covers over his head after giving me a huge smile
  • I get dressed
  • I remind daughter to get dressed
  • Wake my son up again – his bus is coming in 25 mins!
  • Son finally gets up and I give him his breakfast
  • I remind daughter to get dressed again (she did it yesterday without me having to remind her at all, why isn’t she getting dressed?!!)
  • Mighty Machines goes off
  • Daughter finally gets dressed
  • I dress my son
  • They get their shoes, sweaters and backpacks on
  • We meet my son’s bus
  • Take my daughter to her school
  • Go to library – it was closed. Opens at 10am. Grrr.
  • Go to bank
  • Sat by the river until 10am
  • Went to Early Years Centre for “Something Special” (special needs playgroup) – received many comments from people asking what it’s like to have some time during the day while the kids are at school…I really need a job outside the home!
  • Meeting with local charitable organization
  • Home for shower and lunch – when did it become 2pm?!!!
  • Back to library. Returned books and DVDs. Borrowed more
  • Grocery store
  • Pick up daughter from school
  • Rush home to be there for son’s bus. Phew. No bus on the road, we must have made it.  Stayed in the van as per daughter’s request to wait for son.  Noni knocked on the van window a few minutes later. Son’s bus had already dropped him off and they were in the house. Laughs all around
  • Feed kids snacks
  • Kids jump around on trampoline, wrestle, play while I make dinner
  • Dinnertime (may have included some “bribes” – eat two more and you can have ice cream for dessert, etc)
  • Empty backpacks and fill out school paperwork, calendar and my daytimer
  • DVD and cuddle time
  • Bedtime for my son
  • Bubbles outside with my daughter
  • DVD and cuddle time for my daughter and I
  • Bedtime for my daughter
  • Laundry
  • Snack
  • Check email, Facebook, Twitter, blog
  • Make lunches for next day
  • Tidy up
  • Write blog
  • Talk with someone special
  • Bedtime – damn, when did it become 12midnight?!!