Great #CustomerService at @StarbucksCanada


My man and I arrived at an appointment a bit early this morning, so we went to the Starbucks at the Target that was around the corner to kill some time. I was excited to see that they had nanaimo bar samples…but then after asking, found out that the white drizzle on top was white chocolate…sigh, that’s an immediate migraine for me. Ordered my chai (chai latte, lactose-free milk, no water) only to find out that they only had Oprah chai (not the regular chai). I’m not a big fan of the Oprah chai…it tastes more like the chai from Second Cup which, although good, is not Starbucks chai. So I wasn’t going to get a chai…or so I thought.

My man, in his usual “fix-it” way walked to the back of Target, bought the chai goo (as we call it), and asked the Starbucks if they could make my chai now. Surprisingly, they agreed! He’s tried that before in the States, and they wouldn’t do it; but this is Canada. She made my chai with the new goo (we brought the goo home as there’s a slight difference between the concentrate they actually use in Starbucks and the goo that is bought by the general public). She then told us that there was no charge. We objected, especially since she had made my chai with their milk and we didn’t want her to get in trouble. She then told us that she was the store manager and promised she wouldn’t get herself in trouble. 😉

As we were about to leave, she also asked if we come to Starbucks often. I laughed and said that we were both gold card members, and that my man doesn’t actually buy anything at Starbucks (he doesn’t drink hot drinks) but he still has a gold card because of my Starbucks chai “addiction”. She then gave each of us a coupon for complimentary drinks. Again, we objected but she insisted.

Well, if you insist… 😉

Something Lovely at #Starbucks…and it wasn’t just the #chai!

If you follow me at all, you know that I prefer Starbucks chai…but I also enjoy the environment/ambiance at Starbucks locations. Regularly, I start up conversations with others about nothing in particular, but it’s still nice. I wanted to share a lovely experience my best friend and I had on the weekend, where we saw someone….

My #Daughter…the #DentalSurgery Superstar!

On Tuesday, my daughter had dental surgery to pull four baby teeth that were in the way of her adult teeth coming in. We went to the pre-op the week before and she had been voicing a lot of nerves and anxiety around the whole procedure. After the pre-op appointment, those fears were gone…her biggest concern was that she wasn’t going to be able to eat breakfast the morning of her surgery. She even “warned” me that she would be eating more for the few days before her surgery to “make up” for not having breakfast that morning. 😉


The morning of her surgery, she was in great spirits. We had to check in an hour and a half before her surgery time so we read a book, she played with the other kids in the waitroom, and she was really proud when she built a “person” (the red at the bottom are the high heels – lol!) and a tree:

IMG_00005248     IMG_00005250

She was even in great spirits when she wrestled with her housecoat that was “attacking” her:


We even got to have some cuddles and kisses time:


I got to take her into the operating room, and be there with her, holding her hand while they put her to sleep. So hard to see her go to sleep but I just kept telling her how much I love her and that I’ll see her soon. When she was in the operating room, my man and I went across the street to grab me a Starbucks chai to try to help me calm a bit. She had chosen two stuffed animals to take into surgery with her, and of course I became “custodian” of them during the actual surgery so they came with us. Spike the dinosaur tried stealing my chai!


I was fine just reading my book while we were waiting (even remember what I was reading on each page!), but when that hour and a half mark came and went, and I hadn’t heard from hospital staff to go in to be there when she woke up, I started getting nervous. Shortly thereafter, her dentist came out and told me everything was fine and gave me her four cute little teeth…in a little treasure chest. Glamour, my daughter’s other stuffed animal of choice, decided to guard her teeth until she came out of surgery:


About 20mins later, while my man was trying to help me remain calm, they came out and told me it was time to go in. She looked so little in the recovery bed, but I could see her beautiful red hair from across the room…and her face was a bit swollen. Poor thing! They offered her a popsicle, and she discovered how yummy lime popsicles are.

After she woke up completely, they gave her some pain medicine, they wheeled her into the recovery room, where she got more popsicles…and my man got her some balloons for being such a trooper!


She fell asleep in the car on the way home, and again on the couch before bedtime, but not before more popsicles, Jello, chatting with neighbourhood kids, and even eating some solid foods. Yesterday, she even went to school because she missed her friends after the long weekend, and then being away for her surgery. She was an absolute superstar! I’m sssoooo proud of her!

Things That Make Me Happy (#InspireMe2014)

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt is: A list of top 5-10 things that make you happy. Be creative! Serious, funny, embarrassing. Spill some beans 🙂 

  1. My kids
  2. My man…when he isn’t driving me crazy, and vice versa. 😉
  3. Chai, specifically Starbucks’ Grande Chai Latte No Water…in case anyone wants to bring me one. 😉
  4. Sleep
  5. My newly decluttered and organized linen closet. Wanna come see it? I’m booking tours. 😉
  6. Meals made by someone else.
  7. Baking
  8. The IKEA catalogue – tee hee!
  9. Sparklies
  10. My new red heels! Been looking for these for ssoooooo long!


#HappyBirthday to Me!

Last Thursday was my birthday. In the evening, I had to use a calculator to figure out my age because for some reason, I was thinking I was a year older than I now am. Weird.


I started the day with the kids jumping into bed with me, covering me in happy birthday kisses, including my son actually “happy birthday!”. Perfect way to wake up!


I went to mom’s group after dropping the kids at school and IBI, and then proceeded to get in “trouble” via my personal Facebook from moms who didn’t realize it was my birthday until after they got home and saw it on Facebook. I also stopped by at my local Starbucks for my free birthday treat because my card is registered. They even drew a little party hat on the “Starbucks siren” for me.


 My man spoilt me with a bacon “sammich” for lunch and with it being a weekday so life (and kids) got in the way, my birthday extended to Friday.

 B1384327_641770489196050_2012727546_n     B954901_641769892529443_1515101449_n

On Friday, my stepdaughter came to visit as she had a PA Day. After dropping my kids off at their dad’s, she wanted to come with my man and I. He wanted to take me clothing shopping, and she wanted to go to the mall we were planning on going to, as she hadn’t gone there in years. While shopping, she threatened to “disown” me because she LOVES shopping and I HATE clothing shopping. 😉

We went grocery shopping after clothing shopping as it was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada last weekend. While grocery shopping, my man was able to sneak off and order some beautiful roses for me.


So spoilt for my birthday!

Celebrating #BackToSchool & #Autism

In previous years, I “celebrated” Back To School by cleaning the house and taking a nap (how luxurious, I know!) on the first day back. This year, I was still crazy busy running errands on the kids’ first day back, so today, I decided to get out of my SAHM “uniform”, wear some jeans and heels, and do some writing at Starbucks. The pumpkin spice scones are back in season…yummy!


When I picked my son up from IBI therapy today, he was carrying a cute little puppet. I asked him what was in his hand and he showed it to me. I asked who it was, and he responded with “Happy”. So, introducing “Happy, the puppet”. 🙂


As we walked to the car, I asked questions about Happy.

Me: “What colour is his hair?”

Son: “Yellow”

Me: “What colour is his shirt?”

Son: “Shirt” as he pointed (!!!!!!) to it.

Me: “Yes, that’s his shirt. What colour is it?”

Son: “Blue shirt”

Me: “That’s right, blue shirt.”

Son: “Happy”

Me: “Yes, hunny, it’s Happy.”


And now he’s singing along to songs on!


Take THAT Autism!

Starting our #Garden / #VeggiePatch

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada, celebrating Victoria Day. My man and I had an event to attend on Saturday so the kids were at their dad’s on a non-regular access weekend. On Sunday, I took advantage of the kids being gone and my man working a wedding, so I got down and dirty in the garden. This is the first full summer in our new home and the previous owner had done nothing in the garden for decades, literally. Last summer, a friend of a friend beat and sliced his way through the jungle, clearing out all the greenery and rose bushes that attacked him (ouch!). This summer, I’m starting a raised veggie patch.

Area before I started:



Insert wooden borders that were leftover from when an old fence was removed from the property…and 24 of these:


And, voila!



The only thing that was frustrating was that there wasn’t enough pressure in my rain barrel to get water from it, so I’ll have to figure that one out. Also went with the BFF yesterday to pick up some more plants that I haven’t started seedlings for already…and look what ended up sprouting amongst my plants: the rare Starbucks flower. This order was DEFINITELY mine! 😉


Can’t wait to get out there to plant our seedlings with the kids this week!

My #MothersDay

I got to pick my kids up early from their dad’s because it’s Mother’s Day. I had already seen my son’s Mother’s Day card, which he made at IBI. His therapist had written the words, and he had placed the hearts. He also gave it to me that day by saying “Happy Mother’s Day”…my heart melted.


But my daughter had brought her card and present home in a plastic bag with very strict instructions for me NOT to open it until Mother’s Day. She was really excited to come home to finally open and show it to me. A tear may have happened when she read the poem to me.

MD945744_568403009866132_165236258_n      MD247525_568402876532812_1077557138_n

I also bought myself something for Mother’s Day, not that it’s much of a surprise if you read my blog regularily:


An extra special part of my Mother’s Day weekend though was when my stepdaughter came with my man and I to an SCA event (medieval re-enacting). She asked if she could come a few months ago and this weekend was the first one that was relatively nearby and on a weekend when she could come. She’s a huge history buff, so I wasn’t surprised that she asked. Because all three of us competed in different tournaments throughout the day (she and I did archery), we each received a carnation representing that we were fighting for eachother.


Once I found the right medication combination to battle the massive migraine I got this afternoon because of the crazy weather we’re having, I have gone back to enjoying being a mom (instead of being passed out on the couch, waking only when they ask me for something), and loving how unique and wonderful each of my 3 kids are.