#AdventCalendar – Days 17 – 22

Our activities-based Advent Calendar this year seems to be a success. My daughter STILL hasn’t mentioned she misses the daily piece of chocolate – yay!

Dec 17 – we went to see Santa (again). One of the malls in town has TWO Santas set up. Weird, I know BUT one is in a storefront near the main food court. Costs about a billion dollars per child to have them take one picture per child. With my man being a professional photographer, we have issue with this. The other Santa is in a part of the mall that isn’t well used. To be honest, I have no idea how the stores there stay in business, but they all have been there for years! Very few people even know of this Santa so, in the 3 or 4 years we’ve been going, we have NEVER had a line up. Last year’s Santa there was a miserable one but this year’s was fantastic! It was his first time at this location, but had been at another mall for 17 years. His experience showed…he waited for my son to approach him, for him to answer questions and, when my son couldn’t answer, Santa switched to yes/no questions. His beard was fake but “child-proof”. We even took a picture…which I have already shared here but want to share again. A picture of Santa and I…with my son stimming in the background. Love it!


Dec 18 – Lots of baking! The 19th was the last day of school before Christmas break so we had lots of baking to do for teachers and Educational Assistants. My daughter even asked me to bake for our neighbour’s EA too…”because she helps him so much”. Awww…


Dec 19 – We FINALLY turned our fridge into a snowman! My daughter’s hesitation in doing this was because she was concerned about how to turn something that is rectangular into circles. When we started working on it, she declared it was like a snowman in Minecraft. 😉


Dec 20 – Was a PA Day for my daughter but my son still had IBI. My daughter was invited to a cookie decorating party, and brought home this lovely box, filled with yummies!

B1499691_678608762178889_1862943831_n     B1470078_678608908845541_1352394093_n

My son’s IBI had their Christmas party and this year, there were tons of activities! There was the usual singalong, but it was even better this year because each group at IBI had worked on “singing” a song. My son’s was Frosty the Snowman. He stood up with his therapist of the day and didn’t try running away…trying to jump out of the window without a screen behind him…well, that’s a different story. 😉 There was also a room set up with a “snowball fight” which he loved because he loves throwing things up to the ceiling. There was a cupcake-making room, which he had no interest in. He tried playing Christmas bingo. He liked the sensory room, where he got to sit in front of a decorated tree with his favourite movie (Monsters Inc) and just hang out.

B1513822_678609125512186_2028234477_nThere was also a cake. He doesn’t eat cake. My daughter would have loved it but she was busy at her own party. 🙂


Dec 21 and 22 – the kids were at their dad’s. Of course, the first thing out of my daughter’s mouth was asking what was in the Advent Calendar for the weekend. I told her that it was “boring grownup stuff”. I didn’t tell her that I had two parties to attend Saturday night…but I did tell her that it was just for me to clean the house and prep to decorate, which we will be doing today. 🙂


Days 1 – 7 of #AdventCalendar

This year, I decided NOT to give my kids daily doses of cheap chocolate in a store-bought Advent Calendar. At a local mom’s group event, I made an Advent Calendar, and the kids have been loving it! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen what the activities have been each day. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I haven’t been updating daily on Facebook too…I will rectify that. 😉

Day 1: Decorate tree at my BFF’s. It was the first time I’ve seen a white artificial tree in person. She gave my kids and my man’s son  the choice of which decorations to use: purple and silver, or blue and silver. Two votes for blue and silver. So pretty!

IMG_00003285         IMG_00003320

Day 2: Bake cookies with Easy Bake Oven. My daughter actually squealed with joy for this activity. Honestly, we don’t use her Easy Bake Oven very often and, after seeing her joy and my son’s curiosity, I think we’ll need to do it more often.

Day 3: cut out paper snowflakes. My son wasn’t interested in this activity, but my daughter and I had a great time. We happily cut out our snowflakes while chatting away about everything and nothing. 😉


Day 4: create a snowman craft. My son wasn’t interested in this activity, but my daughter did a great job!


Day 5: Let’s make our lists for Santa. Unfortunately, didn’t get around to it as my daughter wasn’t feeling well so I’ll reschedule it for another day this week.

Day 6: Watch Christmas videos on Youtube together. I showed the kids this video as my fav:


On Days 7 & 8, the kids were at their dad’s. As soon as my daughter came home, she asked me what she missed in the Advent Calendar. She wasn’t worried about missing “boring” activities for me like “clean the house to get ready for decorating”.