Our First #SnowDay of the #School Year

Today, we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland…and our first snow day of the school year!

IMG_0761    IMG_0762     IMG_0763

We spent some time with the neighbours in our little culdesac, shoveling out everyone’s sidewalks and driveways, and playing with some of their dogs.

IMG_0776     IMG_0796     IMG_0788

The kids were both exhausted and happy.

IMG_0778     IMG_0794

When we came back inside, I was getting hot chocolate and marshmallows in the kitchen and realized that somehow snow had come in from under the back door overnight. I moved the bookshelf and found a bunch of snow.

IMG_0798     IMG_0801

I cleaned it up and, while the bookshelf was moved and half of the kitchen floor was now clean and dry, I figured I would take advantage of it and start putting the laminate flooring I had bought last week, on at least that portion of the kitchen floor. For the last two years since we moved into our home, we just had the underflooring that had been hiding underneath the horrible flooring we had to pull out before redoing the kitchen.

Soon, my daughter got curious about what I was doing in the kitchen and the next thing I knew, she was helping!


Now we have a beautiful kitchen floor, that we laid ourselves…

10636525_893341827372247_1579950742076489827_o     10887640_893341797372250_7208729595668999660_o

…and my daughter has even asked if something new can be added to her chore chart: mopping the kitchen floor!

Things I learned this weekend


According to my son:

  • Toenails are called “footnails”
  • The logo on the front of a car is the “car nose”
  • The headlights are the car’s eyes
  • A car doesn’t have a mouth

According to my daughter:

  • She feels the need to ask my permission to attend a pretend party she and her playdate were planning
  • She has decided that she’s going to live with me forever, with her children (gulp AND yay!)

Other things I learned:

  • I don’t wanna do Grade 2 homework…stomping away like a 7 year old. 😉
  • Right now, the BEST feeling in the world is being able to take off the splint from my right wrist and “crack” it.
  • I have amazing friends who decided Friday they are coming to our place for 11 hours on Saturday to get all the “little things” done from the renos To Do list
  • my kids really do subscribe to the idea that it’s better to wake up really early on weekends and try to sleep in during the week. Ugh.

My Ode to My Dishwasher

When I was married, my request for a dishwasher was always met with the same arguments: “dishwashers use too much water”, “dishwashers use too much energy”, etc. Whenever any female adult came to visit for the first time, she would always ask where my dishwasher was. Each and every time, my ex-husband thought I prepped them beforehand. I never did. Women notice these things!

My ex-husband was and is really big into scientific and math-based data so I thought I would try arguing my case with stats.  To give some context, at the time, my ex-husband and I were both working fulltime and we had preschool twins in daycare so there were lots of dishes every night. I actually timed how long I spent washing dishes in one week: 15 hours! 15 HOURS!! In one week!! I couldn’t quantify how much water and electricity that used but I was shocked it was 15 hours!

So, when the kids and I moved last month into a house that needed renos, which included redoing the kitchen, I really wanted a dishwasher. At one point, when I was working with the kitchen consultants, it looked like a dishwasher just wasn’t going to fit. My man stepped into the conversation at that point…a dishwasher HAD to be in this kitchen. He wanted me to get my 15 hours per week back. Gotta love that man!

So, I’d like to introduce my new pride and joy: MY DISHWASHER!  My man captured me “having a moment” with my newly installed and functional dishwasher.

Why I’ve been a silent blogger aka What we did this summer


The big news from this summer is that we moved back to the City from Small Town, Ontario. It’s the 3rd move the kids and I have done since their dad and I split and thankfully, this will be the last move for a very long time (decades hopefully!).

We basically had to gut the house we moved into, renovate lots and then move in. The original plan was to move on the Saturday of one of the full weeks the kids were at their dad’s over the summer so I would have the week to finish painting, unpacking and organizing. Of course, renos never go as scheduled/planned and when the kids moved in at the end of the week with their dad, our bathroom was fully function the day before, and supplier mess ups meant that we still didn’t have a kitchen. Well, the basics were there but nothing was functional because the supplier sent us the wrong countertop (a white one…who orders a white countertop??! One spaghetti dinner with a white countertop would stain and ruin it!). I had ordered a very cool brown-toned countertop called “Jamocha” (which I say with a really horrible weird accent every single time!) and at no point in time had been told that was a customized countertop so would cost extra. Along with the many other little problems from the supplier which all together meant a huge problem, they ended up giving us the customized countertop (which is supposed to take 6 – 8 weeks I might add) within 3 days.

Somehow I pulled off still feeding the kids with horrible fast food (our digestive systems weren’t happy!) and eating at my man’s place daily (he’s the best, especially since my kids are very picky eaters). Somehow I also pulled off “Back to School” without a functioning kitchen OR being fully unpacked.  I knew I had all the supplies, I just couldn’t find them!  I perfected a very intricate method of balancing everything on top of the dishwasher top (which is NOT flat in case you were wondering) to make and pack lunches.

Now, we’re at the “making everything pretty” stage with only 3 more rooms to paint. My daughter’s room is pink (she chose it…and it’s VERY pink!). My son’s room is blue (which he also chose). My room is green (my fav colour) and it makes me smile. The rest of the house is a nice warm beige/taupe colour that, as soon as my man saw it he declared that it was the same colour as my chai, which I actually hadn’t noticed until he pointed it out. It was so nice being able to choose all the paint colours myself, for the first time in my life.

Best of all, just tonight, I finally made pumpkin loaf (our family staple) so we’re finally “home”!