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I posted an article about getting back into Back to School sleep patterns on PTPA’s Blogaholics. Let me know if you try any of my suggestions and how they worked (or not…I’m not perfect, just sharing what I’m doing!). Back to School

So many mom discussions I’m having now are related to squeezing out as much as we can of the remaining summer days, and of course Back to School. One discussion was with a girlfriend who couldn’t figure out what she was going to do about her daughter’s sleep patterns. As with most of us (including me), the longer days of summer mean we let our kids stay up later than usual. Her daughter has now gotten used to sleeping in late. My daughter has gotten used to going to bed late and sleeping in. I had adjusted my son’s bedtime over the summer too, but it was more related to his age than the summer. This girlfriend and I chatted about it, I told her what I was doing, and she told me to write about it…so I am!

School starts in 3 weeks so I’ve talked to my daughter about needing to go to bed earlier to make the adjustment for school easier. For this week, I’m sending her to bed 15mins earlier than her summer bedtime has been, and we’re spending the time playing with her dolls and reading, then lights out. I’m doing that for 3 – 4 nights, and then send her to bed another 15mins earlier, and repeat. My kids are at their dad’s next week so I’ll continue the pattern when they return the week after.  …

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Good Job! (#PTPA #Blogaholics Post)

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water spill

My son was doing his circuits around the middle of our home the other day, which is often normal in a home with Autism. Sometimes, it lasts 5 minutes, sometimes it could last an hour with some minor stops along the way (where I might try to grab a kiss and a hug of course!). This time, he had worked up quite a sweat and asked for water. I got him a cup of water with ice cubes which of course became toys. He started touching the ice cubes and sprinkling the water onto the floor to make designs.

My daughter asked for some water too so I went to get her some and I heard my son say something from the living room but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I went to the living room, and he was asking for a towel. I got it for him and …

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Mom-Daughter Role Reversal (posted on #PTPAMedia.com)

(Posted on PTPAMedia.com)


We live on a cul-de-sac and with the nice weather back, everyone is outside after work/school, with the kids all playing together and the grownups looking at eachother’s gardens, building decks, chatting on different front porches, etc each night. We just moved here at the end of the summer last year and it’s been wonderful being in such a great neighbourhood. There’s even another family 3 doors down with a son with Autism too!

Being the “newbie on the block”, I asked one of the neighbours if there was a cul-de-sac garage sale. He said “no, but there should be”. So, I volunteered to organize us all together. A few days later, I was chatting with another neighbour in the middle of the cul-de-sac, and as some other neighbours returned from work, they joined us. My kids had been playing outside and, when they got tired, they went inside. About 5 minutes later, my 7 year old daughter opened the door and called “Mmoooooommmm?”

“Yes hunny?”

“It’s time for you to come inside.” …

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New #PTPA Member

ptpa blogaholic FINAL

I’m so excited to be a new member of the Panel of Blogaholics with the PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved). The PTPA is the largest parent-testing community and seal of approval recognized worldwide. Here is my introduction as a Blogaholic:

“I’m single mom of 7 year old boy/girl twins. My son has Autism. My daughter has Anxiety Disorder. I’m also very happy to still have a relationship with my 18 year old stepdaughter, despite being divorced from her father. She has Asperger’s and Mysophonia. BUT, my kids are so much more than their respective diagnoses.”

Read the rest of my intro here. I’ll admit that I’m so excited to be part of the Blogaholics, that I actually had butterflies in my tummy when I posted my introduction!


I encourage you to sign up to become a PTPA tester for products here.


If you have a product you would like tested by the panel of PTPA testers, check it out here. As always though, if you are hoping for just me to review your product, feel free to contact me directly.