Death by #DeepFry…What a Way To Go!

My man’s friend brought over a new toy…a deep fryer!


And chaos ensued, figuring out what could be deep fried, to “break it in”. I searched for a batter recipe on Pinterest, substituting cajun spices instead of the spices listed in the recipe. Next thing I know, Extreme Beans, B’nOlives, pickles and bacon were out.


The batter recipe said to tap everything dry from the juices.


My man covered everything with the batter and started frying. For the record, this was his first time deep frying and he didn’t burn anything!

Going into the fryer…





Checking to see how they are doing…


To plate everything, my man combined tzatziki and caesar salad dressings, with the spices from the Extreme Bean bottle (since he had used up the beans) for the dip. Here’s the “communal platter” for all the adults who were present…the children all passed…silly kids!


And because my man is a professional photographer, he felt the “need” to plate each item separately for me to take photos with my iPad. 😉

Deep Fried B’nOlives:


Deep Fried Pickles:


Deep Fried Extreme Beans:


Deep Fried Bacon:


Oh. My. Gawd!! So much yumminess…and proof my man is trying to “kill me” with all this deep fried yumminess! 😉

* This is NOT a sponsored post. *

* It’s just a snapshot in time of the craziness and yumminess that happens in our lives. *

The Kids’ #Christmas Gifts for their #Teachers and EAs

Every year, the kids and I bake a loaf for each of their teachers and Educational Assistants as the gift before Christmas break. My daughter saw me looking through Pinterest one evening and saw cute decorated jars. When she asked what they were, I told her that they were hot chocolate mixes that people give out as gifts. She immediately asked if we could make them for the teachers and EAs for Christmas…and still bake something.

So, this year, we made individualized hot chocolate containers:

And still made pumpkin loaf too!


Merry Christmas and thank you to my kids’ teachers and EAs!!

Activities-Based #AdventCalendar (#Autism)

Last year, I switched to an activities-based Advent Calendar. In 2012, I realized how silly the chocolate-filled, store-bought Advent calendar was for three reasons:

  1. the chocolate is cheap and tastes awful
  2. my kids are at their dad’s every other weekend so that means I just throw out the chocolate from those days (why can’t Lindor make an advent calendar?!!)
  3. (and more importantly) my son doesn’t eat chocolate so he didn’t participate

This meant that every morning, my daughter would eat a yucky piece of chocolate while my son ignored the whole lead up to Christmas.

When the opportunity to make an Advent Calendar came up last year through a local mom’s group, I jumped at the chance. We all know that I’m not a crafty person so, when the mom leading the workshop put the canvas and all the materials down in front of me and told me to “just start”, I looked at her with a blank expression and asked her “how?”. Thankfully, because I’ve known her for years, I wasn’t offended when she looked at me as if I had three heads. 😉

After getting over my initial fear, and her showing me how to do some things, I jumped in. Three hours later, our new Advent Calendar was created and ready for use!

Advent Calendar

My daughter was hesitant last year, because she thought she would miss the chocolate but, a few days into the Advent Calendar, she was hooked. This year, she kept telling me how excited she was about the Advent Calendar this year. She even squealed with glee on the weekend about it starting today…and then she didn’t even notice it when she got up this morning. She asked me about it so I looked above her head, then she jumped up and squealed again. Tonight’s activity is to make a snowflake craft. I’ll post pictures on social media throughout the month of the activities we’ll be doing.

Also, people have asked for it so, here’s an “Autism-approved” list of activities that my family can manage for the Advent Calendar:

2014 Activities-Based Advent Calendar

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And then I vlogged about our Advent Calendar…

#Printable: #Autism-Approved #School #Lunch List


With Back to School comes packing up school lunches. Spending some time on Pinterest resulted in me being VERY frustrated. All photos are beautiful and filled with extremely creative visuals of fantastic lunch (and bento) boxes…that my kids won’t eat, and neither will most other kids on the Autism Spectrum. So, I put the question out there on my Facebook Page and asked for suggestions of what my Likers’ kiddos will actually eat…and here is the resulting list of Autism-approved school lunches. It’s practical and sensory-approved…nothing fancy (other than the suggestion to use cookie cutters for sandwiches…but only if your child will still eat it!).

Autism Approved School Lunches

I welcome all suggestions as I would love for this to be a comprehensive list that our kiddos on the Spectrum will eat, that you can use with your weekly meal planning…and hopefully can remain one page so we can post them on the inside of a cupboard (so it’s out of sight) or on a cork board in the kitchen.


Be sure to check out other lists on my Printables page too: If you would like me to create a list, just let me know…and join my Facebook Page so you can find out when it’s available. 🙂

#WordlessWednesday – I’ve Got Mail!

Someone who “Likes” me on Facebook sent me a message one day saying she found something that reminded her of me and she wanted to send it to me. I received it this week…my first “fan mail”! Thanks Kim!


Now to figure out what I’m going to do with the ribbon…so many ideas, and yet I can’t seem to focus down on one thing. Pinterest is “dangerous” that way sometimes… 😉  Any ideas/suggestions?

My kids’ #birthday party

On Saturday, seven 7 & 8 year olds were here celebrating my twins’ 8th birthday (3 of them are on the Autism Spectrum). Bunch of chaos but it was all good. Mother Nature did not agree with my original plan to go to the splashpad, but we still had lots of fun. We had the usual opening of presents, and I was pleasantly surprised that my son actually participated in that (although my gifts to him still remain unopened…oh well).


Then there was the cake…dinosaurs for my daughter; Spiderman for my son.



We also did a painting activity, inspired by a craft activity I found on Pinterest.

73429_605371892835910_200562924_n            994244_605371729502593_304720678_n          1005326_605371259502640_1496204183_n

My son’s before and after:

P1075816_605411982831901_1961165297_n            P521659_605411792831920_1700736728_n

My daughter’s before and after:

P536609_605411962831903_1459666211_n           P1005343_605411852831914_189454415_n

We had a super day!

Recipe Failure (#Pinterest)

I’ve been pinning lots of recipes lately on Pinterest. Yesterday, I was home with my daughter who felt under the weather so I figured I would try one in particular since it seemed so simple: Dried Strawberries. The recipe claimed you just put whole or halved strawberries in the oven at 200 degrees F for 3 hours. Simple, right?

3 hours later, the strawberries look like shriveled somethings, they were soggy and looked unappetizing. Figuring every oven is different, I increased the temperature to 250 degrees F. Checked them an hour later and nothing changed.

Here’s the picture from Pinterest: (They even look like cute little hearts!)


5 hours later, my strawberries look dead:

Picture 010

Nailed it!!

And shockingly, when I tasted them, they tasted like slightly burnt rubbery strawberries, a far cry from the candy taste the recipe claims. I’m not deterred though…I still plan on trying some more recipes from Pinterest. At least one of them has to work! 😉

My #Blog – Year in Review

2012 year in review

Just wanted to take a moment to review my blog for 2012.

My 5 most popular posts were:

The posts I enjoyed writing the most:

My Facebook Page and Twitter account are the most popular ways for people to find my blog in 2012.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Drink #recipe from #Pinterest

With it being a crazy hot day today, and the kids and I spending most of the day outside on our first day of their summer vacation, I thought I would try making one of the “Homemade Vitamin Drinks” on Zain Saraswati Jamal’s website, which I found through Pinterest.

I had strawberries and watermelon in the fridge and, although I didn’t make it as “fancy” as on Jamal’s website, it’s a really nice, light flavour.  All I did was cut up the watermelon and strawberries, put them in the bottom of a juice container, pour Brita filtered water on them, and put the container in the fridge.  A few hours later, came home and had a lovely glass of “fruit water” as my kids called it with my lunch. Have put fresh rosemary on the grocery list too, as I think that would be a great addition to the taste.

Simple, easy, flavourful and a great alternative to juice.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find a combination that the kids like too as I would much rather give them fruit water to drink over sugary juice.