#WorldAutismAwarenessDay (#WAAD, #Autism)

It’s been an exciting day! Before 10:30am, we had already supported World Autism Awareness Day in so many ways.

  • My son is wearing one of his Autism t-shirts.
  • My daughter is wearing a ribbon I made for her.
  • I’m wearing all Autism “bling”‘ I own, and of course my own Autism t-shirt.
  • My son’s seatmate on his bus wished me a “happy blue day!”.
  • My son’s bus driver was wearing her Autism t-shirt (which is the same as mine). She found out about WAAD yesterday and was happy that there is one, saying “it’s such an important cause”. How much do I ❤ her?!!
  • the grand-daughter and daughter of one of my neighbours knocked on our door to show that they were wearing blue in support of World Autism Awareness Day. Sssssoooo cute!

I also attended the flag-raising at City Hall this morning. Small group as it’s a new thing this year.


As it turns out, my friend who works at keeping everything running inside and outside the building, actually changed all the bulbs to blue yesterday. So, City Hall will be lit up blue and the Autism flag will be flying for the whole month of April! I know that there’s a lot of talk in the Autism blogosphere this year, recognizing that blue is actually the corporate colour for Autism Speaks, whereas the coloured puzzle piece is actually for Autism. I recognize that as well…but if the general public recognizes “light it up blue” as being Autism, then I think that’s a great start. But I digress… 😉

I also asked my lovely “Likers” on my Facebook Page and friends on my personal Facebook if they would be interested in sharing photos of their children with Autism. Here’s the resulting 2014 World Autism Awareness Day photo montage:

How have you been recognizing/celebrating World Autism Awareness Day?


#WordlessWednesday – Such A #Blogger

My man and I went for a walk in the snow a while ago, giving him the opportunity to take pictures just “because”…he doesn’t get to do that often as he’s a professional photographer. He “caught” me …

Such a blogger

Such a Canadian blogger too…winterwear, surrounded by snow, and probably tweeting or Facebook’ing about our walk. 😉

#MomsGroup Walk Turned into Something Else

The nicer weather has FINALLY arrived, so I try to schedule a walk with one of the local moms groups at least once a week to get some exercise and grown-up time at the same time. Usually a couple other moms and their babies join me, and we go for a walk around the waterfront. Yesterday, no one else made it out. I had the thought that I would just go home and get some things done around the house before the kids came home but then I realized there was no reason why I couldn’t go for a quick walk myself.


Although I didn’t have the companionship, I was able to go off-path (because no strollers were with me) and enjoy some solitude, get some exercise, breathe in some fresh air, while taking some beautiful pictures. I really love the waterfront!

W400744_570098199696613_980646132_n      W942186_570097536363346_1108095562_n      W971957_570098143029952_1834226989_n

Met some companions along the way:

W253283_570097873029979_2046932045_n      W947244_570098336363266_1279336546_n

And some lovely fragrances:

W376908_570098316363268_1824615058_n     W945380_570098436363256_826955551_n

It turned out to be a lovely soul-enriching hour.

30 Days About Me: Day 10 – Photos Over Time

Day 10- A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One

Photo of a girlfriend of mine and I at her 10 year highschool reunion.  She and (then) her boyfriend went to school with my boyfriend at the time, so we all went together.  She’s having her 20th highschool reunion – where does the time go?






This pic was taken 4 years ago I think (ironically, by my man, long before he became my man):






This one was taken over the summer of my man and I, at a girlfriend of mine’s wedding:






I’m told that I haven’t changed much, but I’ll let you be the judge. Interestingly, when I was in my marriage, people didn’t see the age difference between my ex-husband and I (14 years)…question is, is that an insult to me or a compliment to him? 😉  Since getting out of my marriage, people have been guessing my age as 6 or 7 years younger than I actually am.  Go figure.