My Own Version of a Car Care PSA

girl mechanic

My kids are at their dad’s for some of the next week so Saturday around noon, I decided to go to my parents’ place for the weekend. Just like that. No preparation. No advance thought. Nothing. Made the decision, packed an overnight bag, and left. Still strange just thinking about it. With kids gone, all I took was my purse, cell, laptop and an overnight bag. How strange is that????


While I was there, my dad was very kind to check out my car for me. When I was a kid, he showed me how to check the oil and windshield washer fluid, which I still remember to do often today.


This weekend, he checked the “something” that was hanging down from underneath my car, where he found out that it needs some additional care from someone who is not lying on his back with a bazillion pound car precariously balancing on a mini ramp he created. I cleaned out the inside of my car…found those two kid-bowls that were missing! He also put air in my tires, showing me (probably for the hundredth time but I never remember) where to find the PSI number for my tires (it’s actually on the tire itself. Go figure!). He seemed happy that I knew where my spare tire is, and even better, how to get to it if I need it. I told him that the jack is a bit difficult to get to, but at least I know how.


Something I had never thought of was to check the air pressure in my spare tire. He checked it, and found out that it was pretty much flat. Not because there was a hole, it just had been lying there since the car was manufactured…in 2006. So ladies and gents, I ask that you take a few minutes to check the pressure in your tires AND your spare tire. You don’t want to be stuck with a flat on the side of a highway, with cars zipping past at 100km per hour, only to find out that your spare tire is flat too.


There’s my Public Service Announcement for the day. You’re welcome. 😉