Never Judge a Book…

If you read my blog, you know that I fully believe in the power of music. This is yet another example of never judge a book by its cover. Musical Goth…amazing! PLUS, he’s never sung in front of ANYONE, including his parents! They were just as blown away as the audience!

Musical Perfection

Jaimie’s so humble.  His last note is pure perfection…especially difficult for a song that is rarely sung well because of the emotions it invokes.  He says it all by saying that after that performance, he felt “complete”.  I’ve been fortunate enough to feel that same perfection when performing music to a live audience.


Wordless Wednesday – Musical Goosebumps

I can’t stop watching this audition for Britain’s Got Talent! I love the combination of the pop voice with an opera voice, and, as Simon Cowell says, the opera voice is unbelieveable! Johnathan’s integrity is something to look up to. Jonathan & Charlotte.:

Reminds me of Susan Boyle’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent: