Our First Attempt at #Gardening

Last week, the kids and I planted some seeds in peat pods to start germinating our garden in our new home. The peat pods before doing anything with them:


Then we added water, as per the directions.

262442_564752653564501_968711665_n     577474_564752760231157_1096292955_n (22 degrees Celsius and my son still wants to wear his mittens!)

The pods would start to float so my daughter would carefully push them down so they wouldn’t float away:



Then we started planting the seeds.

923086_564752143564552_388593270_n      247039_564751946897905_1122857456_n     935322_564751763564590_681441454_n

Our final product…we did it! We planted a bunch of veggies in one greenhouse, flowers in another. We have more seeds coming soon too so there will be more greenhouses.


Then we planted lavendar and basil in a planter for our porch too. The lavendar is in the middle circle drawn in the dirt, surrounded by basil. We’ll see if it works that way:


So exciting that only a couple of days later, the seeds in the peat pods are already starting to sprout. If only my son would agree with me as to where to put the mini greenhouses…they seem to have a passport around our dining room and living room with him moving them where ever he wants to.