4th Time in 4 Years…No Guilt

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I’m writing today because I’m enjoying something and wanted to share it with you. Ii’m currently enjoying…

a chai latte…


caesar salad…and sweet potato fries.


This may not be a big deal to some and normally, it’s just a little treat to be able to go out and enjoy these foods at a cafe, on a weekend when the kids are at their dad’s, and where I didn’t have to cook.

Today however, it’s a bigger deal. See, my ex-husband (the kids’ father) asked last week if he could pick the kids up from school tonight. Random request, even though our Court Order states that he is supposed to pick the kids up from school every other Friday for the weekends they are with him AND also every Wednesday night for an overnight. He doesn’t. I drop the kids off at their dad’s at 7pm every other Friday and he doesn’t do the mid-week visit because he works out of town.

An added thorn in my side is that, despite being in Court twice and mentioning that he has never talked to me about whether it’s ok if he doesn’t do the mid-week visits (which frankly, it doesn’t matter to me…but I’m sure the kids would love to see him every Wednesday). He even emailed me months ago asking if the kids can come back to me mid-week when they are at his place over the summer for “four non-consecutive weeks”, stating how “important it is” for the kids to see each parent throughout the week…umm, I know. I’m the one cleaning up the pieces every time they tell me they want to see him more often than for four days per month. He’s also never taken me up each time in Court when I suggest we “switch” some of that mid-week time to one-on-one time for each of us, with each of our twins, on one of the weekends they are supposed to be with me in a month. His response is always “we’ll see”…which I’ve learned to translate as “no, but I don’t want to outright say that”.

So, here I enjoy the FOURTH time in four years where I haven’t had to rush to pick the kids up from school, IBI therapy or meet my son’s bus…three of those four times were when I had to arrange for the kids’ dad to pick them up from school because I had an out-of-town event (the 4th time, my boyfriend picked them up).

This is the FOURTH time in four years where I’ve had the time flexibility to chit chat with my colleagues after my shift is done because I’m currently at placement related to my return to school in Fall 2013.

This is the FOURTH time in four years that I haven’t had to make the kids’ after school snack because they are “starving” and haven’t “eaten in forever” as soon as they walk in the door.

This the FOURTH time in four years that I have been able to enjoy a leisurely way to get home. To stop at a cafe, enjoy some youtube videos, people watch, see the mom and little girl in the booth next to mine on a “mother-daughter date”, and write just because I enjoy writing. Not write an essay or assignment for school (although I should be because I have logs I have to submit for my placement, but I don’t feel like it).

I’m just spending some time doing NOTHING. I don’t have to be anywhere for another three hours. I may go for a walk along the waterfront after I’m done in the cafe. Who knows? I have three more hours to waste…and I’m not going to feel guilty about it. I’m going to enjoy my chai. Enjoy the sun shining outside. Enjoy this fourth time in four years.


How to keep up with the #clothing my #kids’ #outgrow

I’ve mentioned this tip a few times recently so I thought I would share…

How to keep up with the clothing my kids’ outgrow (which seems daily right now!)

Comment below with your tips of how you stay on top of the kids’ clothing.

But #Moms Can’t Have #Concussions


Last Saturday, I was at an event where I ended up getting hit in my left eye socket with someone’s mask (it was a costume type of event). It hurt but it was manageable. Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to not wake up with a black eye. Started having a headache later throughout the day but again, manageable with some Advil. Went to bed that night with an ice pack on that side of my head because the headache seemed to be getting worse. No big deal. A good night’s sleep will help.

Monday morning, I woke up with an almost migraine and after finishing the last school drop off, I called my chiropractor to get adjusted, hoping I wouldn’t have the sore eye socket AND a migraine. Told my chiropractor why I was there, and surprisingly, he was able to adjust my eye socket and jaw (which had also gone into a spasm), as well as everything for the almost migraine. He confirmed that he believed I have a mild concussion. Later that day, there was a bit of darkening in that eye socket, but it was gone by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning, I had meetings at the kids’ school, which had been scheduled prior to Christmas so I couldn’t cancel. I followed as best I could because I was still pretty fuzzy-headed. Thankfully, someone else takes minutes for one of the meetings so I look forward to reading them when they come out…make sure what I remember from the meeting actually happened. I took notes, but seeing them today, there isn’t much context unfortunately.

What has been amazing throughout this, is my daughter. She’s been constantly checking in with me, asking how I’m feeling, telling me she loves me even more than usual, and even opening my car door for me. Yesterday morning, I told her that I wasn’t sure if I was starting a fever or just having a really long hot flash. 😉 Next thing I knew, I could hear her in the kitchen and she brought me an ice pack from her lunch, wrapped in a paper towel (photo above).

Last night, when we got home, she told me to go lie down on the couch. Again, I heard her rustling around in the kitchen. She brought me a cold water (ice cubes and all) and a snack, which of course consisted of her favourite snacks: goldfish crackers and a rice cake. No wonder why she received the Empathy Award at school last year!

She has been so amazing through all of this, and I can’t wait to be all better (even less fuzzy-headed would be helpful, but at least I can see the computer screen properly today…although it’s tough work!)…but while I’m healing, it’s amazing to see how much she is mini-me in trying to take care of me; tuck me in; bring me snacks. I’m in awe of her empathy, and her natural ability to help look after someone else. She amazes me.

First #Faery Walk of 2014

Last year, Opti-Mom led a faery walk for kiddos (ok, and for us moms but we’ll never admit it). Fun morning and we saw lots of evidence of faeries. My daughter had the suggestion of holding a walk each season so we can find different types of evidence. Brilliant! And poof…Opti-Mom declared my daughter her little assistant, with the promise that my daughter would be “paid” with hot chocolate and cookies. She was all over that! We met on a PA Day and my daughter was so cute asking me for a binder so she can take notes (with her “secret language”) during their meeting. We met at a Tim Horton’s. Throughout the meeting, my daughter took notes and seemed very reflective whenever Opti-Mom asked her questions or for feedback.

R1455083_665180133521752_182332526_n     R1425651_665180193521746_1770914872_n     R1452253_665179280188504_1594057837_n

Fast forward to 2014 and the first Faery Walk of 2014 was held on Family Day. So many little Faeries showed up, with the cutest faery wings!

IMG_00004202      IMG_00004200     IMG_00004203

After a brief welcome, Opti-Mom and my daughter led the pack:


Followed by the now traditional hugging of the trees:

IMG_00004209     IMG_00004210

And there was the feeding of the birds:

IMG_00004238     IMG_00004228     IMG_00004238

Some even landed on our little kiddos’ hands:

IMG_00004232      IMG_00004234     IMG_00004241

Then we found LOTS of evidence of faeries. Potential homes in trees:

IMG_00004223     IMG_00004221     IMG_00004252

We found some really neat leaves that the kiddos decided looked like hammocks with snow-pillows for the faeries:

IMG_00004255     IMG_00004257

We even found some mini snowmen that the kiddos decided the faeries had built for us:

IMG_00004207     IMG_00004215     IMG_00004216

One of the kids even found faery footprints!


We had a fantastic morning and can’t wait for the next faery walk!

Things That Make Me Happy (#InspireMe2014)

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt is: A list of top 5-10 things that make you happy. Be creative! Serious, funny, embarrassing. Spill some beans 🙂 

  1. My kids
  2. My man…when he isn’t driving me crazy, and vice versa. 😉
  3. Chai, specifically Starbucks’ Grande Chai Latte No Water…in case anyone wants to bring me one. 😉
  4. Sleep
  5. My newly decluttered and organized linen closet. Wanna come see it? I’m booking tours. 😉
  6. Meals made by someone else.
  7. Baking
  8. The IKEA catalogue – tee hee!
  9. Sparklies
  10. My new red heels! Been looking for these for ssoooooo long!


What I Did For New Year’s Eve (#InspireMe2014Challenge)

One of the moms in a local moms group posted her newest blog post on our Facebook group, mentioning she’s following the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge hosted by Showered With Design and Happiness Is A Mood Not A Destination. Loved the name of the Happiness Blog so I checked it out, and I think I’m jumping on the bandwagon too. 🙂

Inspire Me 2014

Today’s writing prompt is very simple: What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

This year, the kids were supposed to be with their father but plans changed so I cancelled my plans and stayed home with the kids. They are quite the party animals…both asleep by 9pm. 😉 Earlier in the day, we decorated a gingerbread house:

GBHIMG_00003800         GBHIMG_00003805

Final product:


We pretty much had the normal evening: Dinner, tv, cuddles, reading, bedtime routine, etc.

After they went to bed, I treated myself to some yummies:


Happy New Year!