Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 5

I completely forgot to take a picture of my smoothie for Day 5 of my detox. It was strawberry though. I find that I wake up now wanting my smoothie, but I have to have my hot water with lemon first. I think the smoothie is my motivation to drink the hot water and lemon even faster.


Since the kids are now at their dad’s for a week, I figured I would try some new recipes from the detox menu as I had time to experiment today. First experiment was kale chips (especially since my mom had some in her garden, so it was nice and fresh!). I’ll be honest and admit that I thought Anneka was crazy. Kale is weird. It’s not lettuce, not spinach and frankly, when I tried it raw, was not my taste. After cleaning the kale, prepping and cooking for about 8 mins in the oven, I’m a believer! The kale chips don’t look very appetizing but they were awesome! They were even very filling, so I think I’ll be keeping this recipe for when I’m having those chip cravings at a certain time of the month. 😉


I also made some more french fries from the potatoes we brought back from my mom’s garden. Even better than the ones I had on Day 1, and I think it’s because the potatoes were really fresh.


Then I made the eggplant tomato bake for dinner. Unfortunately, I left it in the oven for a bit longer than the recipe suggested so again, it didn’t look too appetizing, but I tried it…and went back for a second bowl. Again, another yummy recipe! It was even nice to use some of the basil, fresh from my own garden!



My only craving today was mid-afternoon when I was really tired (yesterday was a really emotional day) so I drank some water and took a nap – oh the things one can do when the kids aren’t home. 😉