The power of friendships


I have been blessed with some amazing friends. Not only have they helped us move 3 times in as many years, they put up with our craziness, they learn and do everything they can to help me when my son and I are having bad days, and they even help us win a weighted blanket! Now we can add to that list that they love us enough to help us renovate! And boy did we renovate!

Some rooms only needed cleaning and painting but other rooms needed to be gutted and rebuilt. In the 7 weeks leading up to the kids moving in (a week after our stuff moved in), over a dozen friends helped us with sledgehammers, tools, muscles, skill, gardening, drywall, electrical, plumbing, building and rebuilding, painting, and just being supportive. Every time we tackled the outside “jungle” that had overtaken the backyard and the frontyard, our amazing new neighbours loaned us the appropriate tools (which at one point included a chainsaw!) and/or jumped right in to help us.

The house was very old and tired before renos started. As the weeks passed by, friends would say that it was coming back to life. I really believe that the more people who helped us brought more energy and love back into the house, which was desperately lacking.

So, I would like to “publicly” thank: AS, PP, RP, MS, SS, JR, NH, SN, JN, KT, BB, VR, M, DR, CP, PA, and JM.

Thank you for making our new house a real “home” that we will enjoy for many, many, many years to come!

Why I’ve been a silent blogger aka What we did this summer


The big news from this summer is that we moved back to the City from Small Town, Ontario. It’s the 3rd move the kids and I have done since their dad and I split and thankfully, this will be the last move for a very long time (decades hopefully!).

We basically had to gut the house we moved into, renovate lots and then move in. The original plan was to move on the Saturday of one of the full weeks the kids were at their dad’s over the summer so I would have the week to finish painting, unpacking and organizing. Of course, renos never go as scheduled/planned and when the kids moved in at the end of the week with their dad, our bathroom was fully function the day before, and supplier mess ups meant that we still didn’t have a kitchen. Well, the basics were there but nothing was functional because the supplier sent us the wrong countertop (a white one…who orders a white countertop??! One spaghetti dinner with a white countertop would stain and ruin it!). I had ordered a very cool brown-toned countertop called “Jamocha” (which I say with a really horrible weird accent every single time!) and at no point in time had been told that was a customized countertop so would cost extra. Along with the many other little problems from the supplier which all together meant a huge problem, they ended up giving us the customized countertop (which is supposed to take 6 – 8 weeks I might add) within 3 days.

Somehow I pulled off still feeding the kids with horrible fast food (our digestive systems weren’t happy!) and eating at my man’s place daily (he’s the best, especially since my kids are very picky eaters). Somehow I also pulled off “Back to School” without a functioning kitchen OR being fully unpacked.  I knew I had all the supplies, I just couldn’t find them!  I perfected a very intricate method of balancing everything on top of the dishwasher top (which is NOT flat in case you were wondering) to make and pack lunches.

Now, we’re at the “making everything pretty” stage with only 3 more rooms to paint. My daughter’s room is pink (she chose it…and it’s VERY pink!). My son’s room is blue (which he also chose). My room is green (my fav colour) and it makes me smile. The rest of the house is a nice warm beige/taupe colour that, as soon as my man saw it he declared that it was the same colour as my chai, which I actually hadn’t noticed until he pointed it out. It was so nice being able to choose all the paint colours myself, for the first time in my life.

Best of all, just tonight, I finally made pumpkin loaf (our family staple) so we’re finally “home”!


30 Days of Me: Day 26 – If I had a Million Dollars…


Day 26 – If you had a million $ to spend, how would you spend it?

If I had a million dollars to spend, I would:

  • pay off my debt and debt of family and close friends
  • buy a house for us and pay all land taxes (is that possible?)
  • set up education savings plans for my kids
  • go back to university
  • send my mom to university
  • pay for additional supports for my son
  • donate to Autism support services
  • go on an amazing vacation
  • hire a maid (tee hee!)
  • savings! Boring, I know, but need to keep some for a rainy day
  • some people would use the money to earn a degree from one of the online colleges.

What would you do with a million dollars?


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30 Days of Me: Day 21 – TV shows


Day 21 – One of your favourite TV shows

Why only one?  I’ll admit, I was channel surfing one day and stumbled upon my fav hottie formerly from the Y&R: Shemar Moore, he got me hooked on Criminal Minds.

Other top TV shows in my mind are:

  • CSI – the original, although it took a bit for me to get used to it without Grisholm
  • House – Dr. House says everything that is politically incorrect, that you’re already thinking anyway
  • Fringe – Two words: Joshua Jackson. Well, he’s the reason I originally started watching it, but I really like it!
  • TLC’s Extreme Couponing  – I actually get a high from watching this show, and am an Extreme Coupon wannabe
  • The Mentalist  – I cannot for the life of me remember how or when I started watching this show but I really like how quirky Patrick Jayne is in the show.
  • Dexter – although I never seem to be able to catch it anymore. May have to borrow the DVDs of the seasons from the library

When I can, I’ll also watch the Y&R but that’s not often…kids are awake when it’s on so I don’t get to see it.

What are your favourite shows?