My Happiness List

Optimom is famous for giving out “homework” to help people discover their passion in life. My homework was to ask 5 others how they define happiness. Have to admit that I haven’t asked people, other than posting it on Twitter, but have definitely been through lots of reflection in determining how I define happiness.


The first things that popped into my head were all related to my kids; when:

  • they were born
  • they smile
  • we have cuddle time
  • they are playing together and not trying to kill eachother 😉
  • my kids wink at me
  • DD makes her cute sleeping sounds
  • DS hugs me so hard that I think my head is going to pop off
  • I wake up to find DD has crawled into bed with me overnight
  • DS hugs me and says “home”


All of these are great HOWEVER, I realized that my happiness was being determined by someone else. More reflection required.


So, I started thinking back to when I have felt happiest and when people tell me my smile is the biggest. Here’s my “happy list” and why:

  • Dancing – whether it’s lessons or out with friends. I’m trained in classical ballet and just love any kind of dance!
  • Skating – I took lessons for years and years. There’s something very “freeing” when I’m on the ice
  • Water – I lived in Vancouver, BC for a number of years and, now my favourite place in Hamilton is down at the waterfront.
  • Public Speaking – yup, one of the top fears for almost everyone else in the world is actually one of my “happy places”
  • Go Karting – my (then) hubby took me go-karting once and I absolutely loved it!
  • Reading – the journey is endless
  • Writing – there’s something freeing about just starting to write, whether it’s my blog or journaling
  • Helping Others – I’m a true Libra…helping others is what drives me!


I’m sure other things will pop into my head as I further reflect on this question…but that’s why @optimom is so awesome. Very simple homework assignments that inspire true reflection.


So, I turn the homework over to you now…what makes you happiest?


PS – I was not paid for this post…I happen to be blessed to know Optimom IRL (in real life)