Yup, I’m Broken, Literally!

Was playing in the ball area with the kids at a local indoor playground last weekend. I tripped and didn’t tuck and roll when I fell backwards. My right wrist hurt immediately. I put a tensor bandage on it for a few days but it seemed to be getting worse. On Thursday, I bought a solid brace from local pharmacy. It helped a bit but my hand was swelling and still sore. Went to my doctor’s office on Friday, got an xray and lo and behold, I have a fractured bone in my right wrist. Hard to see as this is a picture of the xray being displayed on their computer screen. Of course, I’m right-handed too. Ugh.

Today, I went to the Fracture Clinic only expecting (and hoping) to get a splint, and came out with a cast. My man jokingly asked if they could make it green (my fav colour) and they could! So, for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be sporting a very schmexy green cast.

Then I go back, have it taken off, another xray and then hopefully it will have healed enough to not put another cast on. If they need to though, I’ll probably go with brown, just to change things up. 😉

Fill in the Blank Friday – Colour

1. My favorite colour is   green   .

2. My home decor colour palette includes a lot of greens and creams.

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the colour     green and brown – not a far leap for us gingers.

4. The colour I detest is puce – does this really need further explanation?

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you’d see would be jeans and black – what can I say? I’m a SAHM.

6. A colour that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is   most pastel colours. Although I’m fortunate to have lots of freckles on my face which make it seem like I’m not as pale as most other redheads, pastels just don’t work for me.

7. The colour of my favorite dress is   a non-metallic gold. I have a beautiful evening dress that matches my haircolour, with a lace overlay. It hides everything and accentuates what I want it to accentuate. Don’t have many opportunities to wear it though – think the last time I wore it was when I was breastfeeding and frankly, I was just happy it still fit me!


30 Days of Me: Day 15 – Facts About Me

Day 15 – Write 15 interesting facts about yourself

I don’t know how interesting they are but here we go, and in no particular order…

  1. I’m a proud redhead
  2. I have always answered the statement “carrot top” with “carrot tops are green” – go check.
  3. I’m trained in classical ballet
  4. I’m sarcastic
  5. I’m verbally fluent in English and French, and know some statements in Greek and Japanese…and they aren’t swear words!
  6. My favourite colour is green – shocking, I know…a redhead who likes the colour green.
  7. I grew up working on a land survey crew
  8. I don’t like cooking unless it’s to share with someone else
  9. I love baking
  10. I have worn glasses to read since I was 16, and because of the “fashion” of having large lens back then, my first pair of glasses were bifocals. Sexy, I know.  Thankfully, the style now is smaller so I just look over the top of them if I have to see far away.
  11. I have half a university degree, 2 college diplomas, and 1 business school certification.
  12. I can drive a four-wheeler
  13. I’m a chai “addict” (but if you read my blog frequently, you already knew that!)
  14. I have been doing yoga off and on for 15 years
  15. I love being a mom!!!