#MarchBreak fun

My kids were at their dad’s for March Break this year…so, what does one do when they find themselves childless for a week? Go to their parents’ place, of course! 😉 And in my true form, I started my March Break with a Starbucks chai for the drive to the farm.


When I got to their farm, I needed to study and work on an assignment due that night at 11pm. Easy, right? Tried getting online in their office…nope. Went into the house where I know my laptop connects to the wireless internet (yup, a farm that has wireless internet…cool!)…and nope. Not working. We tried rebooting the router and doing all the magical stuff we knew of to make it work. It was another 2 days before it worked! I was shaking…thank goodness for my Blackberry so I could still access the internet, otherwise, I’m sure I would have been going through complete withdrawal.


But then there was a big problem…I still had an assignment due for my ONLINE course by 11pm that night. Plus, I’m in Small Town, ON where everything closes at 6pm at the latest. Sigh. No worries, I was going to Medium-Sized City, ON that evening to tape the 2nd episode of the Many Faces of Autism so I figured I could go to a Starbucks and submit the assignment as long as I had everything done before I have to leave. So, I finished all research required and wrote up the assignment, got ready to be videotaped (eek!) and headed to the family’s home (thanks Vimi and family!). We taped the episode (Vimi did AWESOME!) and, while we were waiting for our tech guru to do his magic on his end, I was able to submit my assignment while my laptop was connected to her wireless internet – yay! Got an A on that assignment too…so double yay!


The next day, I got to cross off something from my “bucket list”…take my parents’ four-wheeler in for service. I know, you all have it on your bucket list too. 😉 Who knew that taking it in for service meant taking it to a Honda dealerships…where the showroom was filled with beautiful motorcycles. I’ll take them all! 😉 Spent some time with my dad though, so it’s all good. Later that night, my mom needed to sew some things so I FINALLY sewed on a button on my jacket that has been on the verge of falling off for most of the winter (silly, I know but I have a sewing repair kit around here somewhere…).


Have I mentioned that my parents’ live in the snowbelt? And that my dad uses a tractor to clear the snow? This is a picture taken BEFORE the snowstorm hit on the day I was supposed to leave. Reminder: I’m 5’10”!


Then the storm hit. We didn’t get too much snow, but it was whipping around horizontally and the wind was really strong so it wasn’t safe to drive anywhere…but a lovely girlfriend of mine (who has snowtires on her car…alas, I do not) made her way to the farm for a tea before the storm really hit. She even brought tea biscuits that had bacon in them. A woman after my own heart!


I stayed an extra day because of the weather…but it was all good because the internet repair guy also made it out before the snowstorm really hit that day and was able to fix the internet. So, I was back online and able to continue working on my assignments and write an exam while we were snowed in. Insert happy dance here!

Proud of My Stretch Marks

I caught The Talk for the first time last week.  Have always wanted to check it out but was never able to watch during the day.  That day though, my daughter was at camp and my son fell asleep for a little nap … for the first time in years!


When I tuned in, they were talking about stretch marks from pregnancy.  The guest host of the day (Pat something…don’t know who she is and couldn’t find information on the website unfortunately), mentioned that she was proud of her pregnancy stretch marks because they are her “tattoo”.  Ahh, a woman after my own heart!


I’m adopted so my mom doesn’t have pregnancy stretch marks, and I do, yet we are both moms.  While my girlfriends were all going to their moms, asking questions about pregnancy, my mom and I learnt about pregnancy together, which (I don’t think I ever told her) was really cool – thanks mom! 🙂


When you’re pregnant with twins and you make it to 30 weeks, you go to the obgyn every week for a check up.  One of those appts, my (now ex-) husband couldn’t make the appt (for the record, that had nothing to do with why we are now split!), and neither could my mother so my poor dad had to come with me…just in case…


The night before my appointment, I had asked mom if dad would be “ready” to see his “little girl” with pregnancy stretch marks.  Her response was “well, it had to happen eventually for him to see some!”.  LOL!!!



He was surprised how long we had to wait to see my obgyn, to which I reminded him that we just had to be patient and wait because, in a few weeks, I’ll be the one making her late for other women who were pregnant.  So, he chatted up all the staff (as per usual) and eventually we went into the little room for my appointment. 


Prior to the obgyn appt, I had my last ultrasound during my pregnancy where dad would have seen my pregnancy stretch marks but he was in such awe watching the screen that there was no mention of them.  I loved watching the intrigue and fascination on his face.


So, at the end of the day, I am proud of my pregnancy stretch marks…my other stretch marks however…they can go away any time now!