My Thankfuls

This is always a VERY busy weekend in my family because of two birthdays (mine and my moms on the same day!) plus (Canadian) Thanksgiving.  So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share my “thankfuls” with everyone.  I’m thankful for:

  • my son and daughter
  • being able to write a factual letter (those who know me IRL will know what this means)
  • blogging, otherwise my brain would be in overload all the time!
  • Canada’s free healthcare – have no idea how I would have afforded all the services my son has had to help him live with Autism
  • my son starting IBI
  • feeling stronger and more supported than I have ever felt in my life

For fear of this sounding like an “acceptance speech”…I also want to thank some very dear people in my life:

  • K.G. – I have no idea what I would have done without you since the end of my marriage. The daily phone calls have reduced down to “only” emails or Facebook messages, with the occasional phone call, but you truly helped me through the toughest time in my life.
  • S.A.– My “sister from another mother”.  ‘Nuff said.
  • A.J. – My “big-bro type”, who is always there for me, whether just with a quick “boo”, teasing, or huge hugs.
  • A.S. – For being an amazing partner, without believing that you are, or that you are doing anything special (makes him even sexier!).
  • My mom – do I really need to explain anything here? She’s my mom…and the most AWESOME mom ever! (PS – If you want to know the title of the book she gave me for my birthday, leave your Twitter handle or email address in the Comments section below, or email me at imamomtoo.meghan(at)gmail(dot)com…it’s a good one and made me laugh…related to being a single mom!)

 What and who are you thankful for?