Something Lovely at #Starbucks…and it wasn’t just the #chai!

If you follow me at all, you know that I prefer Starbucks chai…but I also enjoy the environment/ambiance at Starbucks locations. Regularly, I start up conversations with others about nothing in particular, but it’s still nice. I wanted to share a lovely experience my best friend and I had on the weekend, where we saw someone….

30 Days About Me: Day 25 – My True Friends

Day 25- Who is/are your best friends?

My BFF and I “split up” at the end of my marriage so that title obviously wasn’t as “earned” by her as I thought it was. 

With the end of my marriage however, I found out who my true friends are, and who I can confide in the most.  To respect their confidentiality (and so they can deny knowing me if they wish…LOL!), I’ll just list their initials:

  • KG
  • SA
  • AJ
  • AS
  • PP
  • My mom

I have no idea how I’ve made it through the last two years…good and bad times alike…without each of these wonderful people who have blessed my life in so many different ways.


Redheads + Sun = Freckles





The kids and I spent a couple hours yesterday with friends of ours at a playground near the water. It was crazy hot and sunny out. With 3 redheads and 2 fair-skinned brunettes in our “party”, everyone was sprayed with sunscreen first. DD and her best friend laughed their heads off while they were being sprayed (okay, I did too). DS was NOT impressed. He’s very sensitive to liquid drying, but the feeling was short lived.


We also saw and petted some police horses while we were there. DS was even very interested in the horses, which was amazing as he doesn’t go near the horses at my parents’ farm. My kids are now proud owners of “trading cards” of one of the horses…and I deny taking extra time to look at/drool over the police officer in uniform on the front of the card…completely deny it…


After spending time with the horses, we all walked over to Pier 4 playground, where there is a very cool replica of a tugboat for kids to play on. Very quickly, the other grown-up with us was dumping water on the kids and they all looked like drowned rats.


Today however, the kids and I have been “counting new freckles”. Welcome to the life of redheads! If exposed to sunlight, we freckle. I was fortunate to grow up in a family where my grandmother used to always say that freckles were “marks of beauty” so I seem to have come out of childhood not being embarrassed by freckles like others who freckle easily. Even before my kids had freckles (their father is a redhead too so it was “destined”), I was working on them embracing freckles.


Although not a redhead, my dad is very fair-skinned so he and I were always putting sunscreen on when I was a kid, while my mom and brother didn’t “need” to with their darker skin tones. We aimed to use SPF 45 if we could find it…which was very hard to find 30 years ago. I always wanted to get that beautiful tan that all my friends did, but I also knew it wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully, I’m not a redhead that just thinks of sun and gets burnt.


My mom gave me a t-shirt once that encompasses redhead vs sunlight perfectly: “Authentic Redhead: Keep Out of Direct Sunlight”. My t-shirt is even in that bright green that ONLY redheads can wear.