Death by #DeepFry…What a Way To Go!

My man’s friend brought over a new toy…a deep fryer!


And chaos ensued, figuring out what could be deep fried, to “break it in”. I searched for a batter recipe on Pinterest, substituting cajun spices instead of the spices listed in the recipe. Next thing I know, Extreme Beans, B’nOlives, pickles and bacon were out.


The batter recipe said to tap everything dry from the juices.


My man covered everything with the batter and started frying. For the record, this was his first time deep frying and he didn’t burn anything!

Going into the fryer…





Checking to see how they are doing…


To plate everything, my man combined tzatziki and caesar salad dressings, with the spices from the Extreme Bean bottle (since he had used up the beans) for the dip. Here’s the “communal platter” for all the adults who were present…the children all passed…silly kids!


And because my man is a professional photographer, he felt the “need” to plate each item separately for me to take photos with my iPad. 😉

Deep Fried B’nOlives:


Deep Fried Pickles:


Deep Fried Extreme Beans:


Deep Fried Bacon:


Oh. My. Gawd!! So much yumminess…and proof my man is trying to “kill me” with all this deep fried yumminess! 😉

* This is NOT a sponsored post. *

* It’s just a snapshot in time of the craziness and yumminess that happens in our lives. *

For the love of feta, steak and bacon

First day after finishing my week-long detox and I thoroughly enjoyed my chai today, and then my man made me a fantastic “you made it through you’re detox” meal. Started out on the BBQ:


If you Like me on Facebook, you’ll know that while he was cooking it, I was on Facebook on my cell, and his cell phone beeped. He then said jokingly “if that’s you beeping me while I’m making dinner, I’m kicking your ass, woman!”, followed by him “serving” me this:


Smartass! Give me the meat!

That’s better…for the love of feta and bacon-wrapped steak! He of course had to take a picture of me about to eat my congratulatory meal, and yes, I’m sitting cross-legged on the couch:


Horrible picture but I wasn’t going to stay still for long. He was keeping me from bacon-wrapped steak! I couldn’t finish the whole plate BUT, you’ll notice that the feta, bacon and steak are all gone. 😉


Steak-induced food coma…mmmm….


My Valentine’s Day Dinner – #Bacon

My man and I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, but someone mentioned bacon roses a few weeks ago so I actually made a request for Valentine’s Day for them because I wasn’t able to partake in his test attempt a number of months ago. Being the non-fussy, non-Valentine’s Day type couple we are (and after the crazy weekend we had, which included having to decide to stay in a hotel overnight until the roads were cleared from the snow dump of about 6″ in a couple of hours), bacon roses were made on Family Day (Feb 18).


So, my man started prepping them (sorry vegetarians!):


Apparently half a dozen bacon roses weren’t enough:


Final product, with side salad:



Yummy!! And just to be fair, even though we don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, I made him some banana bread.