Our Christmas Memories

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This year, my kids were with me for Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day. It was lovely waking up with them and seeing the gleam in their eyes when they saw all the presents under the tree.  My daughter wanted the “job” of handing out presents to everyone, which she did enthusiastically. She also volunteered to “help” everyone open their presents, whether we wanted her to or not…but that’s all part of the excitement of being a kid at Christmas!

My son wasn’t interested in the presents. He was more interested in his iPad so, note to future self: hide his iPad the night before Christmas so he can enjoy opening his presents, then he can have his iPad. Poor little guy started getting sick later that day so he hasn’t played with or used many of his presents but they are waiting for him when he gets back to his usual self.

My favourite part of Christmas this year though was when my stepdaughter came to visit. She gave my daughter a big doll house (her mom even had to drive her rather than her taking the bus to get here because it’s so big!). It was wonderful listening to them work together at setting it up. Then the two girls went outside to play in the snow, throwing snowballs, and building a snowman and fort. They even “tricked” me by calling me outside. Thankfully, my stepdaughter suggested I wear my winter coat when I came outside. As it turned out, my girls had made some snowballs to throw at me and, when my back was turned, they threw a shovel-full on me…witnessed (and laughed at) by one of my neighbours too.

Christmastime is all about family memories.

So, apparently your wrist is kind of important…who knew?


24 hours with a cast on and I’ve already encountered difficulties with:

  • Making the kids’ lunches for school, specifically cutting up apples. Probably would have had problems with making dinner last night but I opted for pizza.
  • Cutting toast and waffles for breakfast
  • Using the microwave
  • Brushing my teeth and hair (I was really surprised at how difficult it is to brush with my left hand!)
  • Unlocking the backdoors of the car from the inside (not automatic locking mechanisms)
  • Sweeping
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Opening our front door as you need to turn the lock AND the door handle at the same time
  • Putting my hair in a ponytail with a ponytail holder…has to go in a clip, which tends to fall out because my hair is heavy.
  • Cleaning out the cat litter
  • Putting on my coat
  • I even have to change how I’m typing!

Wish me luck to wash my hair with a bag over my arm… 😉

Yup, I’m Broken, Literally!

Was playing in the ball area with the kids at a local indoor playground last weekend. I tripped and didn’t tuck and roll when I fell backwards. My right wrist hurt immediately. I put a tensor bandage on it for a few days but it seemed to be getting worse. On Thursday, I bought a solid brace from local pharmacy. It helped a bit but my hand was swelling and still sore. Went to my doctor’s office on Friday, got an xray and lo and behold, I have a fractured bone in my right wrist. Hard to see as this is a picture of the xray being displayed on their computer screen. Of course, I’m right-handed too. Ugh.

Today, I went to the Fracture Clinic only expecting (and hoping) to get a splint, and came out with a cast. My man jokingly asked if they could make it green (my fav colour) and they could! So, for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be sporting a very schmexy green cast.

Then I go back, have it taken off, another xray and then hopefully it will have healed enough to not put another cast on. If they need to though, I’ll probably go with brown, just to change things up. 😉

My birthday loveliness

My man spoilt me yesterday for my birthday: lasagna for lunch, steak & salad for dinner…

chai cheesecake for dessert…(in fact, he made TWO of them!)

my free birthday Starbucks chai, and some beautiful red roses (including a card with an inside joke between he and I, claiming I’m only 27 years old…lol!).

Plus, he insisted I take a nap while the kids were at school!!! Yup! He’s a keeper! 🙂