My #Son and I are at a Standoff


22 minutes and counting…

We drove to my man’s house for our usual Tuesday night where all the neighbourhood kids get together and play. As soon as my son got off the bus, he started asking to go back to school… “school please”.

We waited for my daughter to come home from her carpool from school then tried to get into the car…”computer please”, “school please”, “mommy please”.

That discussion took about 15 minutes.

We pulled into my man’s driveway and my daughter jumped out of the car to run inside and start playing with the kids who had already assembled. My man came outside to find me sitting on his front porch and my son in the car. Sometimes, this just happens. Takes him a few minutes to acclimatize from school to home to my man’s home. My man went inside to get chips to try to bribe him out. That didn’t work. So he got me my chai, and a snack.

I’m now set up on his front porch, with my laptop, my chai, some snacks and my son’s Elmo. Every couple of minutes, I go back to the car (I’m in plain sight) and ask if he wants to come in…”no please” and he pulls the door shut. About 20 minutes ago, I open the back of my sexy hatchback so he can have fresh air because it’s raining so I can’t just open the windows.

So, I updated both my blog Facebook Page and my personal Facebook with:

My son and I are at a stand off…he won’t get out of the car for some reason. I’m sitting on the porch waiting…but I have chai, snacks, his Elmo, my laptop, stubbornness and patience on my side. He has Autism. I’m winning this one.”

I’ll admit that it’s also helping with the writer’s block I’ve been feeling for MONTHS now. I’ve been posting lots of videos on my Youtube channel but just haven’t felt the need/desire/want to write. I have taken video throughout the standoff, which I will post later on my Youtube channel but I wanted to share this with everyone RIGHT. NOW!

44 minutes and counting…

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