A $20 Fix Stopped My Son’s Frustrations (#Autism)


My son broke the zipper on his winter jacket on Friday, right before I dropped him off at his dad’s for the weekend. I brought it to his dad’s attention when I dropped the kids off, with the hope he would be able to get the zipper fixed or replaced, or (depending upon the cost of that) replace the jacket itself. I was so worried about the 3 of them going to the local Santa Claus parade he next day with my son having a broken zipper…it’s starting to get cold here now for the winter.


I picked the kids up on Sunday and my son immediately started saying “zipper broken” as soon as he got in the car. He fidgeted all the way home, screeched, repeating “zipper broken” and “fix zipper”, then asking for my man because he’s the one who fixes everything that gets broken. My son was clearly very upset and just needed it to be fixed. When we got home, he threw his jacket on the floor, said “broken”, stepped on it and started his circuits around the inside of the house (hello stim!). I was shocked by this as he’s always hangs up his jacket.


Thankfully, I had foreseen this situation and was able to get a free (!!!) winter jacket from a friend of mine whose son had outgrown it so I sent my son to school today wearing that jacket. Then, my man and I went to a seamstress he has used in town a number of times, and she was able to make it next on her priority list so we dropped it off at 10:30am and picked it up at 12:30pm after running some errands. She even made sure that the zipper itself was big enough for my son’s fine motor skills ability. Even better, it only cost $20 plus tax!!



My heart hurts with the idea that my son went for 2 full days with a broken zipper. It wasn’t overly cold this past weekend but he definitely needed a winter jacket that closed properly, especially if he was going to be standing outside in the cold for the parade (thankfully, they didn’t go because it was cold and raining). It hurts that they went to the park with my son’s zipper broken. It hurts that either the zipper or the jacket weren’t replaced by the time I picked him up again. It hurts thinking of the discomfort (both physically in the cold and emotionally) he may have experienced through during the weekend.


I am thankful though is that I have such awesome friends who immediately offered their son’s outgrown jacket so I could take my son’s jacket in to get fixed. I am thankful to get it fixed so quickly…and the icing on the cake was that it was only $20! He will be so happy to have his winter coat back when he gets home from school!

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