Farm time!

A few weekends ago, we went to visit my parents at their farm. They asked before we went if we could help with the clean up of branches and sticks that had fallen during our really long winter. No problem…and we dressed appropriately. My man and his son joined us as well…crazy guys that they are. His son jumped in and helped out:


Someone had to watch the burning barrel at all times.


When my man took a turn, he remembered a camping hack he had read recently where you “roast” Starburst. Surprisingly, it works! He pointed a stick with his knife, roasted the Starburst until they were just bubbling, blew them to cool them off, and enjoyed!

IMG_00004869      IMG_00004868

He also had some cheap Easter chocolate in his jacket pocket so tried that too. Surprisingly, it caramelized the outside, and made it taste almost like Lindor.


We were all outside for hours…and surprisingly, my son just kinda wandered around, doing his own thing and no one was worried he was going to run away. Yay! So different from when we lived on the farm for a year when we couldn’t be more than 1-2′ away from him for fear of him taking off.

Needless to say…we had some sleeping children in the backseat when we drove home. 🙂


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