#MothersDay 2014 (#Autism)

Had a very low-key Mother’s Day. I picked the kids up from their dad’s and my daughter asked if they could play outside. “But mommy, you go in and make yourself a chai. Then you can come out with us.” Well, if I must… 😉

Some lovely presents the kids made at school. This one from my daughter. It’s a “purse” that included a tea bag and some candies, which of course she kept asking if I wanted any…and can she have them too. 🙂

IMG_00005169      IMG_00005170

My son’s class made a little dessert with a poem attached and Mother’s Day cards. Apparently while he was writing his, he kept asking “Mommy please”. The teachers would tell him that he’ll see me at pick up time…and the next thing they knew, he was writing “sad” in the middle of the card. Priceless!


We spent a lot of the afternoon at the park, where my son decided the best thing to do was to just hang out in the grass beside me.


And playing with dandelions…


My daughter was running around too much, playing with new friends, to stay still for photos.

When we walked back home, my neighbour (who, if you Like me on Facebook, you’ll see he had his driveway replaced last week…which resulted in a hole in my basement wall…sigh) needed his driveway watered until the company came back today to seal everything in. My son loves “watering” the telephone pole in my neighbour’s front yard with the hoses (it’s just the bottom of it so no need to worry) so my neighbour asked if he wanted to “change the colour of the driveway” from almost white to grey. Both my kids jumped at the chance…and they were both soaking wet afterwards. The driveway got watered AND the kids did too.


Happy kids = Happy Mommy!

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

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