#YMCPhotoADay: 10:15am

The lovely Christella from Crawl The Line is the new Tech Blogger at Yummy Mummy Club. Congrats! Since I’m part of the #YMCCommunity under the Special Needs tag (go figure!), I thought it was my “duty” to be part of this…plus, Christella is awesome! Before even getting to know Christella, I was hooked by her tag line on her website: “Ruining the reputation of mothers everywhere. Let’s hug it out.”. She is definitely my kind of peeps!


To celebrate her birthday month (Happy Birthday hunny!), she decided to create a #YMCPhotoADay challenge for May. I only read about it this morning on her personal Facebook so technically, I missed May 1st, which was to show your purse. Since I’ve been sick for what feels like forever, you DON’T want to see my purse right now…besides unfiled receipts and my wallet, it’s currently filled with cough drop wrappers and used tissues. Ewwww! It might be easier to throw it out. Ugh. Instead, I’ll reshare the link for when I “dumped my purse” for Kelley’s Breakroom last year.


Today, we are supposed to share a photo of what we were doing at 10:15am. I was waiting to hear back about a Skype meeting, which ended up being scheduled at 11am so, what did I do to pass the time? What any SAHM does…well, it’s what this SAHM does when she’s finally starting to feel better (I LOVE antibiotics!!!!) and am an avid baker…started making pumpkin loaf:


Even used eggs from my parents’ farm:


Now, time for my first chai in weeks. Again, I LOVE antibiotics!

Stay tuned throughout the month of May for the #YMCPhotoADay challenge.

YMC Photo a Day Challenge

Some photos will be on my blog. Others I’ll post directly to Twitter or my Facebook Page so be sure to Follow Me or Like me.


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