A Night With #DrDanSiegel

OptiMom and I were invited to attend a Parent Night with Dr Dan Siegle speaking about his newest book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain. We decided against driving into downtown Toronto in the middle of rush hour so we took the train into town. At Union Station, we came across Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – how cool is that?! So I asked some lovely young men to take a photo of us:


We walked to the hotel where the event was being held: One King St West Hotel. Beautiful hotel space for the event! If you check out my heels in the photo above, you’ll realize I did not make the wisest choice of heels for a 5 city block walk. Ouchy! But I was away from children, and spending a few hours with grownups so of course that meant heels. 😉

We arrived early so we stopped at the bar for a quick drink first…both choosing pop. How responsible of OptiMom and I!


The event was organized by the Hincks Dellcrest, prior to a 3-day conference where Dr Dan Siegel was the keynote for the first day of the conference. My tweets during the Parent Night pretty much tell the story of Dr Siegel’s talk. For those of you not on Twitter, please remember that “Tweets” are only 140 characters, so the messages can’t be “proper” English.

  • 70% of adult with #MentalHealthIssues can track issues back to prior to turning 17 years old.
  • Mary Gordon from #RootsofEmpathy is introducing @DrDanSiegel at @HincksDellcrest…my daughter LOVES RofE in her class!
  • @drdanseigel is a call to arms…arms to hug’. Awesome quote!
  • ‘Parenting from the inside out’ book by Dr Dan Siegel…going on the To Read list.
  • Empathy, compassion, resilience are all products of the mind…which includes head, heart and gut.
  • Cool that @drdanseigel tasked his interns to prove one of his books was wrong. Lol!
  • Audience participation to demonstrate ‘integration’…sang 1 note together; sing songs separately while closing ears.


  • Dr Dan Siegel Overseeing the integration demo


  • ‘All psychiatric disorders are due to missed integration, such as #Autism and #Schizophrenia. Mindfulness!’
  • ‘Medications are not enough. Mind training practices can now help retrain the mind.’
  • There is no such thing as perfect parenting but try mindful parenting. Don’t beat yourself up. Be kind to you.
  • I already wrote my exam on Biology of the brain two months ago. Brain hurts! It’s not on tomorrow’s exam. Lol!
  • 11 and 12yo children aren’t just ‘older children’.
  • Adolescent concept of ‘raging hormones’ is unempowering and is just wrong.
  • ‘Early intervention is not a luxury…it’s a necessity.’ AGREED!! #Autism
  • Schools need to learn how to embrace an adolescents passion/essence.
  • ‘If adolescent doesn’t belong to social circle, nature tells them they r dead.’  How support our #Autism kids?
  • Create schools where groups of adolescents gather to tackle world problems. Tap into their essence.

OptiMom and I had a great time. I felt like a “bobble-head doll” throughout his talk, and it was a good reminder to be more mindful in my parenting.

Attendance fee and transportation were covered in exchange for our participation in this event.



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