First Beautiful Weekend of the Year

After a REALLY long and VERY cold winter, we are *finally* hitting temperatures where we don’t have to bundle up in ten parkas to go outside for 2 mins (ha!). If you Like my Facebook Page, you’ll know that we live in a culdesac where all the neighbours are just awesome! This weekend, we even all celebrated the first nice weekend of the year with a get together in one of the backyards, around their firepit.


Then someone decided to bring out their guitar…and the next thing we knew, there were a few guitars, a trumpet and some shakers. Next, a firepit “sing-a-long” started when I requested a song from when I went to overnight camp as a kid.


Later, someone suggested all we were missing were marshmallows…and guess what I just happened to have at home.


Even watching the end of the night embers burn was quite meditative.


The next day, my man and I “celebrated” the beautiful weekend by breaking in the new BBQ…with lots of meat, of course. 😉


Although nothing to do with the weekend, I feel the need to share one of the tshirts for sale at the BBQ store:

10152459_735367936502971_4596353300636709648_n     In case you can’t read it (this was the best I could get because they were hanging up REALLY high), it reads “There’s room for all God’s creatures…right next to my potatoes”.  LOL! We are NOT vegetarians in our family. 😉

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