First Day of Fulltime #School / End of #IBI (#Autism)

Last Friday was the end of an era…a 2.5 year era in my family’s life. My son finished IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention therapy). When we moved back to Big City, Ontario, the weekly schedule was that he went to school on Mondays, in an Autism-specific class, then IBI therapy Tuesdays through Friday, from 9am – 3pm. Last week, my kids were at their dad’s for March Break so I took a little baked goody for my son’s therapists on Friday, arriving at the pick up time (my ex was NOT happy, and thought I should have asked his “permission”…but I digress…). The therapists have been so amazing with my son that a home-made baked goody is definitely just a tiny token of thanks compared to the work they have done over the last 1.5 years (at this location). My daughter handed over the banana bread and my son said “thank you” to the therapist…and the therapist cried. Happy tears and sad ones as she said she’s going to miss my son. She was going to share the bread with my son’s team. They even sent home a HUGE inflated Sulley…one of my son’s favourite characters. He went to their dad’s because they were there until Sunday, and since returning home, Sulley’s been hanging out on the ceiling in the living room:


Yesterday just felt like a regular day because he usually goes to school on the bus on Mondays. Today however, he was back on the bus, heading to school. Normally, he sits in a seat by himself but he’s tried getting out of the rear door of the bus so today, he sat beside one of his friends closer to the front of the bus. I’m not sure if the look on his face was confusion, sadness, or perhaps a bit of both…? I’m actually surprised that he didn’t say “IBI please” or something similar, so I’m guessing he may understand that IBI is finished…?

So, here it is 9am and I’m still in my pjs because I don’t have to drive my son to IBI. In fact, because I have the greatest neighbour in the world, and she takes my daughter and her own son to school since they are in the same class, I could stay in pjs for most of the day. I do need to get dressed though today because I will be picking my daughter up from her afterschool math program (she LOVES math! Woohoo!) then heading to class myself (if you Like me on Facebook, I got 90% on my Psych exam yesterday – yay!). Tomorrow however, all my appointments are via Skype so methinks I’ll be in pj bottoms all day. Shhh…our little secret. 😉

I even got to have my breakfast…at home! Strange feeling to actually eat breakfast during the week, instead of just grabbing my smoothie and leaving.


I will admit that I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach from nerves. The last time my son was in fulltime school was in Senior Kindergarten. It was half-days at that time, three times per week. At least one of the three days per week, within an hour of me dropping him off, I would get a call to come pick him up. At that time, he was a runner, violent and completely non-verbal. Although I “know” his behaviour has improved dramatically and he’s able to verbally communicate. I “know” the teacher and EAs in his class are specifically trained to work with children with Autism. I “know” everything will be okay because he’s been with them for 1.5 years already on Mondays and he loves school. Alas, the pit is still in my stomach, waiting for that phone call from school. I’m nervous, anxious, scared and sssoooo happy for him to be back in fulltime school. A sense of “normalcy”…whatever that means. 😉

Now, off to my home office to work on my assignment that due tonight…gulp!

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