First #Faery Walk of 2014

Last year, Opti-Mom led a faery walk for kiddos (ok, and for us moms but we’ll never admit it). Fun morning and we saw lots of evidence of faeries. My daughter had the suggestion of holding a walk each season so we can find different types of evidence. Brilliant! And poof…Opti-Mom declared my daughter her little assistant, with the promise that my daughter would be “paid” with hot chocolate and cookies. She was all over that! We met on a PA Day and my daughter was so cute asking me for a binder so she can take notes (with her “secret language”) during their meeting. We met at a Tim Horton’s. Throughout the meeting, my daughter took notes and seemed very reflective whenever Opti-Mom asked her questions or for feedback.

R1455083_665180133521752_182332526_n     R1425651_665180193521746_1770914872_n     R1452253_665179280188504_1594057837_n

Fast forward to 2014 and the first Faery Walk of 2014 was held on Family Day. So many little Faeries showed up, with the cutest faery wings!

IMG_00004202      IMG_00004200     IMG_00004203

After a brief welcome, Opti-Mom and my daughter led the pack:


Followed by the now traditional hugging of the trees:

IMG_00004209     IMG_00004210

And there was the feeding of the birds:

IMG_00004238     IMG_00004228     IMG_00004238

Some even landed on our little kiddos’ hands:

IMG_00004232      IMG_00004234     IMG_00004241

Then we found LOTS of evidence of faeries. Potential homes in trees:

IMG_00004223     IMG_00004221     IMG_00004252

We found some really neat leaves that the kiddos decided looked like hammocks with snow-pillows for the faeries:

IMG_00004255     IMG_00004257

We even found some mini snowmen that the kiddos decided the faeries had built for us:

IMG_00004207     IMG_00004215     IMG_00004216

One of the kids even found faery footprints!


We had a fantastic morning and can’t wait for the next faery walk!

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