Well, I *should* have been doing school work…


It’s amazing what I can find to do while my daughter is having a playdate here, and my son has started his “circuits” around our home. Started listing them off at a Facebook status but frankly, it was getting too long so I figured I would change it to a blog post.

So, here’s the list of things I’ve found to do today when I *should* have been doing school work (I have an assignment due TOMORROW!):

  • decluttering, specifically starting to find my front hall because that has pretty much disappeared. It’s just a start. Still more to do but at least there’s space for us (and my daughter’s playdate’s parents to pick her up tonight!)
  • folding laundry to finish packing everything for the kids because they are going to their dad’s for March Break
  • putting away (most) of the laundry
  • watching organizing videos on Youtube while doing laundry (seemed appropriate)…which leads me to wonder, should I start doing vlogs…? Would anyone be interested? Bueller? Bueller?  😉
  • More wondering: Would I actually be able to figure out the technology to do vlogs? I always have lots to talk about so content wouldn’t be a problem. 😉 Do I want to be on camera more often than the Many Faces of Autism? I chatted with the production assistant for the Many Faces of Autism on Friday. She and I came up with a number of interviews for me to chat about…should we do those as actual interviews, or me just vlogging? Can I just use my cell phone as a video camera for vlogging. Hmm…
  • started categorizing my Youtube channel…just in case I start vlogging… 😉

Back to the list…

  • put out the garbage, recycling and compost
  • started my checklist to pack myself because I’m going to my parents’ for a few days. I’ll be childless and what am I doing? Going to my parents’ farm…and I still have meetings in person and via Skype so basically, I’ll be doing my normal stuff, with a different view and fresh air.
  • unload and loaded the dishwasher
  • decluttered the table beside my side of the couch…yet another space that got “lost” in the last couple of weeks. What can I say? Life gets busy. (I took a “before” picture…may turn into a blog post, if I’m brave enough to share that photo)
  • cleaned and reorganized my cutlery drawer because, well, there was a weird battery explosion that just made NO SENSE!
  • Facebook chatted with the next mom who is kind enough to share her family’s Autism journey on the Many Faces of Autism.
  • writing this blog post 😉

And now, I need to get started on dinner, so clearly my school work is not happening until later this evening. Sigh.

PS – I’m almost kind of serious about thinking about vlogging. Message me, Facebook me, or comment and let me know what you think. I’m completely ok if the overwhelming response is No! 😉

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