Empathy At Its Finest


My daughter is a natural “mom”. She’s always looking out for others and helping everyone around her. Last week, she even won an award at school for being the most empathetic student in her grade. She was so surprised and so happy! Our neighbour’s son is in her class and they are “boyfriend-girlfriend”. My daughter even says they are “50% going to get married”. He also has Autism and his mom explained it to my daughter as he “has a little bit of Autism” so that’s why he acts different from my son (ie: is fully verbal, etc).

My daughter’s “boyfriend” doesn’t go to assemblies at school. There’s too much stimulus for him so he’s usually in the office when the rest of his classmates are in an assembly. Their teacher told him a secret before the assembly last week…my daughter was getting the award. He wouldn’t miss the assembly at all. I don’t know how he did it but he kept the secret AND was apparently on his feet hooting and hollering for her when her name was called. My daughter was apparently very shy about going up to get the award but he supported her to go up, in front of the whole school to receive the Empathy Award.

On Friday, she “filled my bucket” just by doing what she normally does. I was finishing up putting together the kids’ lunches for school and IBI. I had already told the kids to start getting their snowsuits, etc on. The next thing I knew, I could hear my daughter walking my son through each of the steps of getting his socks, boots, jacket, hat and mittens on…sounding exactly like me when I do it! I snuck around to watch too, and unfortunately, she got frustrated because his zipper jacket got stuck. I gave her a huge hug with happy tears in my eyes and told her she just filled my bucket. That made her so happy. Still thinking about it, I’m getting happy tears in my eyes.

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