My List of #PetPeeves (#InspireMe2014)

Pet Peeves

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt : The littlest thing can set us off. Write about a pet peeve and try to get creative!
I fear this may be a long list…but off the top of my head:

  • My daughter’s voice is much louder than usual when she returns from her dad’s. I’m constantly reminding her that she’s yelling when she gets back on Sunday nights. Don’t know why she does it, but it drives me crazy!
  • My son turning the volume up on the tv or computer every time I leave the room. Every. Single. Time.
  • Facebook Pages or Groups that have a spelling mistake in the name
  • Weak handshakes – nothing turns me off more. My mom thinks it’s funny as to how much this bothers me.
  • Using the term “in order to” – not sure why this term bothers me but most of the time when I see it, it can just be omitted from the sentence.
  • Using the term “I’m too busy” – no you aren’t, you are just prioritizing other things. I stopped using the term “I’m too busy” to do something a few years ago. It’s a completely different thing when you admit to no having made it a priority (of which there are a number of things for me!)
  • People who complain on Facebook EVERY DAY about being busy. We all have busy days. We all have the same number of hours in a day. If you are too busy every single day, try saying “no” once in a while.
  • Using ALL CAPS. I can understand 20 – 30 years ago when people were starting on personal computers, but now? Did you not receive the memo that it looks LIKE YOU ARE YELLING? 😉
  • When the inside of microwaves are dirty. Shiver.
  • When volume on the radio is set to a number that ends with 1, 3, 7 or 9. Completely illogical, I know but it bugs me.
  • People who don’t seem to understand that things change every 20 or so years. It’s called “progress” people!
  • People who wear too much perfume/cologne. Why do they do that? Don’t they know?
  • Men who refer to it as “babysitting” their own kids. I’m sure there are women out there who say it too but I’ve never heard it. It’s called “parenting”, not “babysitting”.
  • Anyone talking down to or about someone else.
  • People who are always negative and do nothing but complain. If the same thing bothers you all the time, either change it or your reaction to it. Why carry around that negativity?
  • Parents who bring their kids to movies that are not meant for kids. My man and I saw the new Hunger Games movie a couple of weekends ago and I was shocked to see a child who couldn’t have been older than 6 get up near the end of the movie to go to the washroom. Not acceptable.
  • A new fast food tv commercial that overuses “Whaaat?!!!”. I change the channel as soon as I see it. And now it’s on the radio too…that’s even more annoying.
  • Being micromanaged.
  • When people say they know “all about Autism” because they saw a documentary or Rain Man. Really??!!!

I swear, I’m pretty easy to get along with. Being a Libra, I don’t even tell people when they are committing one of these grievances for fear of causing confrontation, and I don’t hold it against them…much. 😉

What are your pet peeves?

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