Vacation Plans (#InspireMe2014)

Today’s Inspire Me 2014 Writing Prompt : Do you have any awesome vacations planned for the year? If not, where would be your ideal spot?

Last year, I went on my first “vacation” in years. In fact, the last “real” vacation I took wasn’t really a vacation. I miscarried when the kids were 2 years old so, after getting clearance from the doctor to fly, I went out to Vancouver to visit friends there, cry on their shoulders and just not be part of reality for a week. No really a vacation, but more of a healing-trip. My ex-husband (we were still married then) also was very generous to send me for a long weekend to Montreal as a combined birthday and anniversary present…but he was staying home. Weird. What on earth was I going to do in Montreal BY MYSELF for our anniversary? I’m not a museum and mall kind of girl, which were the options he suggested. This was before my blog so it’s not like now where I can lose hours on end just writing. A girlfriend of mine offered to come with me…then we had a great time!

In 2013, I went to Pennsylvania with my man. He’s part of a reenacting group and every year, anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 people go to this one camping location in Pennsylvania for two weeks. I was there for “Pennsic 42”, hence the grass having roman numerals cut into it.

M Pennsic

It was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone as my idea of a vacation includes a minimum 4-star hotel, a beach and some drinks with umbrellas in them. It does not include cooking meals over a campfire (which I can’t do), wearing “garb” every day, being disconnected from the internet (Facebook! Twitter!). I’ve been camping with him and this group of friends a few times now, but never more than a couple of days. So, I was a bit nervous to go, and tried not to focus about being out of the country for the first time since before my kids were born. Thankfully, everyone in our camp was awesome and they knew I was completely inexperienced but willing to learn.


I went for the first week of the two weeks, which they call “peace week” because everyone is setting up and things are just getting started. This year, I’m hoping to go for “war week”, which is when all the battles occur, where I can attend courses if I’m interested in them, and shoot a few targets with my bow and arrow.

M Archery

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