What I Did For New Year’s Eve (#InspireMe2014Challenge)

One of the moms in a local moms group posted her newest blog post on our Facebook group, mentioning she’s following the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge hosted by Showered With Design and Happiness Is A Mood Not A Destination. Loved the name of the Happiness Blog so I checked it out, and I think I’m jumping on the bandwagon too. 🙂

Inspire Me 2014

Today’s writing prompt is very simple: What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

This year, the kids were supposed to be with their father but plans changed so I cancelled my plans and stayed home with the kids. They are quite the party animals…both asleep by 9pm. 😉 Earlier in the day, we decorated a gingerbread house:

GBHIMG_00003800         GBHIMG_00003805

Final product:


We pretty much had the normal evening: Dinner, tv, cuddles, reading, bedtime routine, etc.

After they went to bed, I treated myself to some yummies:


Happy New Year!

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