Giving Back to the Community at #Christmastime

If you read my blog and/or my Facebook Page, you know that I’m a member of two local moms groups. Each year, one of the groups organizes a donation to the local Adopt A Family program. We put together gift baskets/bags for single moms, specifically for the moms themselves. I offered to be the main drop-off point this year as the wonderful mom who was the main drop-off point last year has returned to work after mat leave (it’s a year here in Canada!).

It was a bit chaotic in the days leading up to last night, collecting and storing all the donations from people. Basically, I posted on various groups I belong to on Facebook locally, and people were so generous in donating. The mom’s group founder and a girlfriend of mine came over, and the three of us plus my daughter put together 46 (!!!) gift baskets and bags, and also a box of toiletries to donate to the shelter run by the program.


It was an exhausting 4 hours, but with wine, Christmas treats, music and girlfriends, we all had a great time. My daughter was even upset she had to go to bed (I let her stay up late to help). I promised her that we would leave one last basket for her to make all pretty in the morning. It was so cute when she declared “you girls still have lots of work to do” when she went off to bed.

My dining room floor (aka the prep area) is now covered in glitter and sparkles, I have lots of recycling to put out, etc, but I’m so thankful to be part of this program, and that my kids jumped right on board with me. 🙂

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