Going “Public” With Our #Knitting

When the kids and I moved back to my small hometown, I started a “Stitch & Bitch” group, meaning a bunch of ladies who get together to knit, crochet or just chat. I got the idea from a book I was reading at the time (which I can’t remember the name at the moment, but it was a great book).  Being the only single mom of the friends I met and reconnected with, it was really the only way for me to see anyone in the evenings…and because I was the only single person of the group, I was perfect to host…no partner around to “bug” us when we got together; no one to overhear what was being said by a group of women. 😉


When we moved back to Big City, Ontario, I started another group amongst my group of friends, and local mom’s groups. This past Monday, we went “public” with our knitting, and had our first get together at a coffee shop, after the school drop off run. It was lovely! The coffee shop overlooks the water and the outdoor rink nearby and, despite the grey weather that day, it was a quite peaceful backdrop. Two of my ladies were able to attend (ironically, both single moms too), we just set up in the corner of this large coffee shop, and started knitting away.


Honestly, it’s been a long time since I picked up my knitting. It’s reignited my love for knitting. My daughter even commented on how I’m “always” knitting now. Ironically, I feel like I’m always studying as my final exam is next Monday…gulp, but I’m mostly studying when the kids are at school.

One of the beauties of being a coffee shop…my beautifully delicious chai:   😉


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