The Kids Learn How to Make Dinner

My man dislocated his elbow a few weeks ago, and with my wrist all buggered up again, neither of us were in the mood to make dinner one night a couple of weeks ago. So, his son stepped up and offered to make dinner. My man is half Italian so of course, the meal of choice to teach his son was pasta.

First, his son chose the type of pasta:

RD1380200_648992698473829_1608936746_nThen he learned how to boil the water, insert the pasta without splashing, and stirring the pasta:


Next was unwrapping the sausages (sorry vegetarians!) and cheese:


And applying fire…mmmm, bbq!


My daughter felt left out so she grated the cheese:

RD1383556_648991425140623_1319133912_nEnd result…it was delicious!

RD996061_648990758474023_2051264436_nEven better, now my daughter wants to learn too. She’s asked to help me make dinner every single time…yay!

2 thoughts on “The Kids Learn How to Make Dinner

  1. Your children helping to cook is always good. There are lots of teenagers who do not know how to cook always scares me. I enjoy when I have the grandchildren around to help cook (usually more work and patience to have them help) but it is great memories.

    • I’m so glad that they are starting to take an interest in helping with dinner. I’m hoping it will lead to them wanting to increase the menu of items they are willing to eat too. 🙂

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