First Assignment Done (#BackToSchool)


After much contemplation, I decided to return to school this year. I was very tempted to take a bunch of courses, but then reality hit. The last time I was in university was 20 years ago; college over 10 years ago…and I didn’t have kids. So the practical me decided just to take one course … ease my way in.

I’ve made it to every class (thank you to my man and a girlfriend of mine who are splitting looking after my kids!). I’ve kept up with the reading. And now, I can add that I submitted my first assignment, and even a day early! I was a bit nervous when I found out that assignments were to be submitted through something called “DropBox”, and I naively asked the instructor where the DropBox was, thinking there was a room number at the college. Nope. It was an online DropBox. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to do, and I even got an automated reply confirming it was submitted correctly. Phew!

The course material hasn’t been hard…in fact, one of the projects that I helped proof in my former career was actually in my textbook! That was a weird moment. My favourite class so far was last week when we had guest speakers. I didn’t really know what to expect but they were going to speak about a topic that wasn’t my focus for my diploma: homelessness. I’m not sure why I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the guest speakers as the main speaker was a youth who has experienced chronic homelessness for about a decade. He was a “bugger to go” (as my family says) and, thanks to motivation from his younger brother, some key Social Workers and his own motivation and drive, he has been able to finish his highschool education and been accepted to college, starting in January. Fantastic! During his presentation, he even thanked us for wanting to be Social Workers: “You are going to change people’s lives!”. Goosebumps!

Just trying to continue balancing all my “hats”: being a mom, partner, daughter and friend, with the new commitments of studying, readings and assignments. Thankfully, everyone is really supportive…and my kids think it’s cool that “mommy’s in college”. My daughter has even asked that I take her to see the inside of the college! 🙂

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